Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Where does the time go. I knew I had not posted in a while but it has been close to a month. I did not post because I really have not accomplished all that much. We had a nice class at my EGA guild in February and I finished it.  It was a petite project by Mary Waldsmith. I am sure you have seen this many places recently. I pretty much followed the suggested threads and it was fun to do.

I also finished my crewel project by Barbara Jackson, Berry Bandit, offered through the Shining Needle Society.  I am not sure crewel is my thing but it was an interesting class. I have no desire to finish this on my own so another project in the to be finished pile. 

I also had a nice Sunday with my ANG guild. We went to the presidents house and had an afternoon of stitching and snacks. I really did not accomplish all that much but even a few leaves on my project is better than nothing. 

I have been very good on my nutrition program and power yoga. I am on the aging program so not really trying to loses weight. I would be happy losing 5 pounds but that is not the main purpose of my program. My husband has started parts of the program as well which was my main reason for doing this whole thing. I have lost inches and my clothes do fit better.  My skin and nails are clear and strong so that is an added bonus. I want to rock a swim suit by the time I get to go on vacation. I won't say I will wear a bikini because after a certain age that is just not right and I am beyond the bikini age.

Well my next post should be more interesting. My EGA guild is having a retreat in a couple of weeks. Hopefully, on that weekend I will have some progress on my Edie and Ginger frog with a stitch guide by Tony Minieri.

Hope you all have an awesome week with lots of beautiful stitches.


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