Monday, November 7, 2011

Libby Sturdy Class

 Hi!  This was a big stitching week for me.  I did not have much going on most of the week and worked on my stitching in the evenings.  Saturday was a class on Windy City Santa with Libby Sturdy.  I had a lot of what she was teaching done but it was a good class.  It help build my confidence and I will get this piece done.  It may take a while but I am not as intimidated by this piece as I once was.
 Early in the week I worked on Frog Stew.  I finished couching the moon and the cauldron.  I added the logs and flames below the cauldron.  (One of my logs looks like a boy's private parts.  I really need to change that!!)   Finally, I worked on some of the blue sky.  That stitch covers a large area of this piece so I thought I could start working on some of the completed areas and not leave this all for the end.

Finally, I did spend a bit of time with Beautie Spot.  I am working on the Dodo bird.  I made a mistake somewhere and I am having to stitch my way through this mistake.  It has turned me off this piece and right now it is a chore to work on. Once this bird is done, I only have one more big motif.  This is my Guild Challenge piece so this needs to be done by January.  

I am not sure how much progress I will continue to get done between now and the New Year.  I have two trips to Florida planned and one to the Turks.  I am busy buying books and I have to pull together a travel project.  Speaking of books, I read Skeletons at the Feast last week and really enjoyed the book.  It is about WWII so not a real uplifting book but very well written.  It was my first upload for the Kindle from the public library.  It worked well and I uploaded a new book to read this week.  I am debating if I want to join Amazon Prime for there new offer of a free book a month.  I am not sure I need their other services available with Prime so I am just not sure if it is worth it for me.  

Well that is about all going on around here.  Tonight is the Bears game.  I know we are having a friend over so I may not get to stitch.  Boo.  Then again, he is a good friend and I may just let the boys drink, watch football and I will stitch.  Have a great week.   


  1. Oh my! Your Beauty Spotte is amazing! So gorgeous! It's on my todo list for someday. Love your Santa as well -- so cute! And your Frog Stew -- so cute!

  2. Your projects look really nice, Kelly. I'm envious of your upcoming trips. :) Were you able to stitch?

  3. Just love the Santa and Beauty Spot. Jealous of all the trips. Hope they are pleasure.

  4. Your Beautie Spot is gorgeous. Sorry you're struggling with it right now... it's so worth sticking with and getting it finished. Your Santa and Frog Stew projects are cute.

  5. Your WIPs are gorgeous!! I love Beautie Spotte--sorry about the frogging! One of the ladies at my LNS, who has great taste in projects, stitched both Beautie Spotte & Sonne Spotte (I think I have the names correct!) and then framed them in matching black frames with small bullet detail around the edges. They are stunning!

  6. I love the Beauty Spot! That is a gorgeous piece. I do understand about the angst of working through a mistake. :o)

    Windy City Santa is cool, and I love Frog Stew. I didn't see the boy part until you said something, and then of course I had to click on the picture and look for it. :o) I do see what you mean. LOL

    You made great progress this week!