Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's Beautie

Beautie Spot

 I have been working on Beautie Spot over the weekend.  I showed my progress on the blue star a couple of weeks ago and now it is finished.  I have the black outline done on the flower so it needs to be filled in with color and you can see a tiny black line for the tail of the Dodo Bird.  I have the Dodo, the bunny, the boarder and a few touches like spangles and initials to finish for the Guild Challenge at the end of the year. 

I have also been able to get in a few French and Colonial knots into my pig project.  I worked on the flowers and some of the sky. 

I did read a wonderful book this week.  It is Mudbound by Hillary Jordon.  It was her first novel and it took her seven years to write this book.  Her second book is coming out in October.  This book reminded me of The Help because each chapter was the voice of one of the main characters.  A question has been going around Facebook:  What book has kept you up way past your bedtime reading?  This could be one of those books.  I did not stay up but I did finish this in about a day.  I also read Mockingjay over the weekend.  This is the final book in the Hunger Game trilogy.  This series could also keep me up past my bedtime.  What book kept you up past your bedtime?  I would love to hear about any great books you have read. 

Last night I apparently gave up on walking.  I live in a soft loft (bedrooms have walls and doors) and it has exposed duct work.  When we do laundry in the summer, condensation forms and it drips on the hallway floor.  I was walking down the hall in flip-flops and fell flat on my bottom.  I was not hurt other than a bruise on my knee and a little jar to the body.  So today I decide to wear sensible shoes and I have tripped no less than 4 times today.  Seriously?  Am I determined to land on my ass again only this time in public? 

My husband has a business dinner tonight which does not happen very often.  I am planning my evening.  I am going to do my household chores like water the poor plants that are subjected to this 100 degree weather, make a quick dinner, and curl up in the stitching chair with my projects and DVR.  I am not home alone all that often so it is something to look forward to. 

Hope you have a wonderful day with at least a little stitching time. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Be Happy

OK, I will admit this is a lame attempt to get back to stitching.  The finished piece is just the photograph that came with the Shepard's Bush kit.  My scissors fob is still in two pieces, with no stuffing, and no pretty ribbon nor beads.  A friend of mine is thinking about starting a finishing business so that motivated me to finish this up and I can pay her to do the finishing which I am horrid at.  I will see her at the end of the month so once I post the finished piece, it will be new again in most of our minds. 

Last weekend was pretty uneventful.  I had my guild meeting and we had a pulled thread class.  I may practice on a few of the sections to get my tension better but I really do not see myself making this into the tuna fish can pin cushion anytime soon.  I also booked my flight to Naples for the EGA conference in September.  That is less than two months away. 

IPad, reading, and now Big Brother are killing a bunch of time.  I finished Shaken by J.A. Konrath and Catching Fire, the second book in Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins.  I love the Hunger Game series.  I am planning on starting the final book today.

That is all that is going on around here.  I hope you find some stitching time in your day. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A bit of stiching mojo

I finally have a bit of stitching to show.  We had a wonderful four day weekend and I did spend a little time with Beautie Spot.  I did the star and everything to the left.  I did have a to frog one of the puffs because I apparently could not read the color symbols that day. 

 Since I was off work on Friday, I was out running errands.  The sky was so strange.  The picture does not do it justice but as creepy as it was, no storms blew in.  The picture was taken with my IPhone as I was stopped at a traffic light. 
Between reading and that damned IPad nothing has been getting done at my house, not that I have all that much to do anyway.  Random House sent me a free book in the mail called The Passage.  It was pretty good but it was 800 pages long so it was like reading three books.  I also finished The Little Known which was also pretty good.  I would give both of these book about 4 stars out of 5.  I started Catching Fire which is the second book in the Hunger Game series and it is really good.  The IPad has Sudoku, Game of Thrones, and Nurse Jackie.  I read about Game of Thrones on Whitney's blog and I am hooked.  It is a good show to watch if you have to share your tv with a male but you have to ready for nudity and sex.  When I say nudity, I mean every God given/surgury inhanced part is out there for your viewing, male and female.  Also, hooked on Whale Wars from Animal Planet. 

I have tried to comment on several blogs lately and it is just not working for me everyday.  I have been lurking and trying to keep up on many of the blogs.  There are lots of beautiful projects being done.  Keep up the lovely stitching!!