Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Spring Stitching Slump is about Over

Hello and thanks for coming back!  I have been in my yearly spring stitching slump.  Every spring, the weather turns nice and I get more in a reading mood rather than a stitching mood.  This year even reading took a back seat to life.  Well, I did not abandon stitching entirely during this time, I just slowed down and did not feel I had anything to show my stitching friends.  You really do not want to hear about the amount of time I spend on the terrace or in my stitching chair playing on the IPad or watching bad reality TV. 

Let me start out with my stitching.  Last time I wrote about two months ago, I was working on the background of Santa and the Pea by Princess and Me.  I was hoping to finish this last night but I got too tired.  All that is left is the little bit at the bottom of the ornament and a few more beads/snowflakes. 

I piloted a two day class with Diane Herrmann that will be taught in Santa Fe, this fall.  It is call Color Theory with a Twist.  This is a fun class for anyone interested in color theory and you can complete the project or use this as a notebook class.  I am working on the project because it is a pilot.  The project is not that difficult so it is a good project to work on when you just don't have it in you to do something difficult.   While the class is just three leaves, most people that took the class are going to buy the supplies for the entire Mobius Band.  I did not take a picture but I have a lot of the stump work lady bug done. 

Another class I am taking started on June 1st.  It is a cyberclass taught by Janet Perry on how to create your own stitch guide.  We have only had one lesson so far but the discussion board is going to be very interesting.  I am looking forward to this class. 

As I mentioned earlier, I have been spending way to much time on my IPad.  This has lead me to spend way too much time on EBay.  I have three new canvases.  Two are Princess and Me Ornaments which I like to have on hand for travel projects and I finally have a Edie and Ginger Frog.  The frog I bought is a stitched model in Needlepoint in Paradise and I have admired him for years.  Now I just need to get busy planning my stitch guide and sitting down to stitch. 

I have been doing a little traveling for work.  I have been to a meeting in Denver in April and training last week in Dallas.  I decided not to go to Bead and Button on Friday because that would just lead to another project.  Instead, I am going out shopping and lunch with a friend I have not seen in a while.  Saturday is my Guild meeting and the H2O bath product warehouse sale which happens to be across the street from my house.  This sale is fun because they give you a cardboard box with a rope to drag around and put your bath products in until you pay for them.  Saturday night is the going away party for  a friend moving to Charlotte.

Speaking of Charlotte, my husband has been living there for over two months.  He comes home every weekend and the being away from home is getting a little old for him.  While the first two months were a little hard, I am getting the hang of having the house to myself.  I am not thrilled with feeding myself, but I am eating the way I like to eat which is more veggies and less meat.  I am going out with my friends more and I figured out the cat and cat box are a complete pain in the butt.  He is old, so he is forgiven. 

Over Memorial Day we were able to get the outdoor plants done.  I think they turned out nice and I think they will grow up to be very pretty.  I was down state last weekend and was told about Supertunia's and I want to still buy a planter of those because they look like fun.  The first picture is the front balcony and this is the perfect environment for Inpatients.    The second picture is from the south facing terrace with full sunshine.  There are three planters on the terrace and two on the balcony. 

I think you have hand enough babbling from me.  I hope all is going well for my blogging friends.  I hope to get back into the swing of this and catch up on all the things going on in your worlds.  Have a great week.