Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm Back

 Hi!  You might think after a month absence I might have something great and wonderful to show for myself, but I don't.  I have been busy and stitching has not made the progress that I could hope for. On St. Patrick's Day weekend, my Guild had a retreat at the Oak Brook Hills Marriott.  We got to do a little shopping and lots of stitching.  I worked on the background of the Princess and Me ornament above.  The background was an easy thing to do in a group setting.  The weather that weekend was beautiful so this was also an easy project to take outside.  I also worked on Frog Stew which is pictured below.  I mainly worked on the sky and the purple sleeve. 

 The next weekend was a pilot class for Night Owls.  This will be taught by Diane Herrmann at EGA National Seminar in the fall.  It is an excellent class.  I will learn a lot on this piece.  I did not take a picture of the canvas because my little bit of progress and spaghetti is shameful.  Once I get a little more done I will show you a picture of the piece. 
Since it is pretty obvious that stitching has not been my only focus let me tell you about some of the other things that are going on around here.  Last weekend I made a last minute trip downstate to my parents home.  My mom thought she could use some help since they just moved back North from their winter home in Florida.  My dad has dementia and moving was very stressful on him and the rest of us.  It was a very welcome bottle of wine when I got home.

My DH has moved to North Carolina for a consulting position for six to nine months.  He is going to come home on the weekends or I will go down there.  I am not used to having to do everything around the house.  I am more accustomed to being the Queen of the house!  I do have Seattle Sutton doing my cooking.  This food is pretty good and I have even lost a few pounds.  I am getting used to living on my own.

I have been reading.  My reading goes up when the weather turns nice and I can sit outside.  I really enjoyed Mill River Recluse, Divergent and Slaughterhouse Five.  My book club picked Fifty Shades of Grey for our next book.  If you want to get your smut on, it is really good but not for the those apposed to a dirty book.  I said it will be a $30 dollar book club because I am going to have to finish the trilogy. 

Well that is about all that is going on in my world.  If you celebrate Easter, have a wonderful holiday!  We are not doing much for Christian Easter but I am going to Greek Easter next weekend at a friends house which is always fun.