Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Belize and Santa and the Pea

We are having a great time in Belize. The pictures of the pool and sea are from my morning stitching nest. DH dives in the morning and I stitch or read until he gets back. From there, it is lunch, pool time, happy hour, cleanup and dinner. Not a bad day at all!!

I have been stitching on Santa and the Pea. I hate the suggested thread for mattress two so that is going to have to be done when I get home. The stitch guide has a dark green background and DH and I think it is too dark and matches the last mattress. I am thinking about a lighter green. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear from you! This change is a bummer because I will have to leave the background until I get home and basket weave on the plane would have been a good brainless task.

I did finish reading the Midget House. It was a free Kindle book. It was a good story. I am also working on Game of Thrones which is wonderful but very much like the HBO show.

When we get home DH should start a new consulting job in North Carolina so more about that when I am on a real computer.

Back to stitching in paradise. BTW.. Not sure about the pictures on blogger for iPad. This is my first try and it may not be good.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Finished the Wave

Good morning!  I want to start today welcoming my new followers and thank you for the nice comments I received on my last post.   I am always surprised that people want to read what I write and take the time to comment.  I don't always comment on blogs but I do enjoy reading the stitching blogs.  There is so much talent in this world and your projects always give me something new I want to do.  

 Glad you liked my projects a couple of weeks ago because today is almost a repeat of projects with progress. First, I want to show you my Wave project.  This was a pilot project for Diane Herrmann.  This project is impressive in person.  The colors and the design are wonderful.  It was a very relaxing piece to stitch.  I was cursing eyelets and beads by the end because I could see the finish line but my progress was going slow.  I am really happy with the star fish.  I am not sure I have ever actually done a bullion knot.  I did do a few practice knots to get the hang of this.  They did end up hurting my fingers but that is most likely my fault for wrapping too tight around the needle.  I am not sure how I am going to have this finished.  There is a bedroom in the Bonita Springs condo that has a blue coverlet so this would be perfect in that room.
 Our guild had our second Libby Sturdy class last weekend.  I really did not get that much accomplished on this piece for the amount of time I spent with Windy City Santa.  I don't expect to get much done in classes but I spent most of yesterday on this project as well.  In class, I managed to get in the Ferris wheel.  This is a Jessica stitch with a couple of spokes and a few French knots.  This went along swimmingly in class and then I am picking out encroaching Gobelin later in the day.  Who knows what will work for you on a given day and what won't.  Since my last post, I did finish all the buildings on the right hand side of his jacket, the yellow in the skyline, a bit of blue in his coat, and I worked a bit on the ground/snow.

Finally, so I can add a little variety, I will show you my silk gauze Flamingo.  I really did not do all that much but I got a few more threads into the background.  This is an Erica Michael's design that was sold at EGA National Seminar in Naples, FL last year.

Maybe I will be able to get another post in this week because I might have more to show.  DH is hanging out with my parents in Florida the week.    My father's mental health is not that great so DH is hoping to give my mother a break.  DH is so much more nurturing than me.  He cooks, cleans, golfs, climbs ladders, fixes thing, and in general will have more patience with dad.   Plus, someone besides their children can sometimes tell them better to get him signed up in day care or hire some help.

Another bonus with him traveling is that he usually gets job offers while he is away. He is close to getting a full-time job or a consulting job with four different companies.  If this trip does not get him a job, we will be in Belize in a couple of weeks.  Dealing with interviews and head hunters while out of the country is always interesting but if he gets a job, it is worth it!

That is about all that is going here.  A week alone means quick dinners, a few household tasks, and evenings of stitching which sounds wonderful.  Now watch everyone come around and want to do stuff since I am alone which is very kind but it will cut into my stitching plans.