Friday, February 5, 2016

Thanks for reading and commenting on my rant about my husband last week. He did go to two doctors this week and has an appointment with an allergist next week. They think part of his problem might be related to allergies. I have decided just let him take care of himself and let him sit around and be a bump by himself. I am going to live my life and enjoy myself. I start a nutrition program next week. I am hoping it will help me lose a few pounds so I can look terrific on the beach when I finally get to go on vacation.  Hopefully, I will go on a March/April vacation and I hope to go someplace out of the country in June. If my husband is better, he can join me on either trip but he does have to take care of his health and overcome being an ass before I am going on any trips with him. Also on my positive life, I am eating better because I am eating at home and I am doing hot yoga three days a week. I am kind of getting into this working at home thing for the good things it I am getting out of it.

Onto my stitching. You would think I could conquer the stash I have collected over the years but I just keep a slow plug along. It would be helpful if I did not keep adding classes to the stash. I can be a class junkie. More about the new mini class next week but they still take time to complete.

I spent Saturday with the ladies from my guild and I did get a fair amount accomplished. The group stitching days are fun. You may get a little more done in your own nest but you also get to see the beautiful work everyone else is working on.  Here is a picture of my Shinning Needle class crewel project this week:

I worked on the strawberries and the groups of three leaves at the guild.  I hope to get a little more done this weekend.

Sunday was one of those days where thinking about long and short was not going to cut it. I spent the day doing French and colonial knots.  I finished the Ghost, the green corners and started the purple boarder. It may not look like much but that is quite a few knots. 
This actually looks better in person than in the picture. The picture is from my IPhone and it is pretty close up. I need to keep this in mind when I do before and after pictures of me for the nutritional program I am starting.  Yikes, that could be scary.

This weekend does not have much going on. A friend may come over for Champagne after her spa treatments this afternoon. She is sailing in the Caribbean for the next two weeks. I am thinking about running some errands in the suburbs on Saturday and a friend is having his 40th birthday party on Saturday night. I have nothing planned for the Super Bowl. I really don't care about the game so most likely I will not even turn it on.  

Hope you have a terrific weekend with lots for fun and stitching!



  1. What is the name of the ghost pattern please?

    1. Sorry, I just saw your comment. The Ghost pattern is by Teresa Layman and is called EEEK! You can buy them at many shops but I just looked this one up and it is available at Silver Needle.

  2. hey stranger! I'm working on the strawberry bird also! You are ahead of me though as I just started on the leaves... looking good!