Monday, August 9, 2010

A Little of This & A Little of That

Yesterday, I spent most of the day stitching but it does not appear that I accomplished all that much. My main project was Safari. I put in the giraffe spots. For the time I spent on these spots you would think I would be done with them, but I am far from done. Maybe I was too focused on my DVR instead of my stitching. Project Runway, Jersey Shore, Big Brother, Hung, an occasional CSI, a soap opera or two, may have distracted me. Keep in mind that I have not been home for three weekends so my DVR was pretty full.

I worked on my Teresa Layman project on Friday night and some Saturday afternoon. Everything I put in on Saturday had to be picked out because I used the wrong color twice. A thread was put away on the wrong card and I kept using the wrong color. Picking out tiny French knots is a time consuming process.

Notice the new hoop. This is a Hardwicke Manor Embroidery Hoop. This is soooo much better than the plastic hoops I have used in the past. I can get this hoop tighter and hold the fabric more taunt. One of the professional embroidery people said this is what she used so I have been eyeing them for a couple of months. Hedgehog Hand Works is having free shipping this month. I believe this saved me $10.00 in shipping by ordering this month. I know Needle in a Haystack has these hoops and I am sure others sell them as well. I bought the 6 inch round in 5/8 and the 5 inch round in 5/16. The 5/8 one is so nice! It is thick and sturdy. The 5 inch only comes in 5/16th and I think it will work great on smaller projects. I found a tutorial on binding embroidery hoops which I think I will try once I get to a fabric store.

Here is Lucy. This is mainly from earlier in the week. I think since my last post I finished the yellow egg and part of the basket. She is fun to work on but I will not work on her until I go to Santa Fe. I will have plenty of plane time to work on her.

My weekend was fairly quiet for a change. We did go to a street fair in Little Italy on Saturday. We walked it a couple of times, then we went to University Village to a bar/restaurant, the nice wine store, and then back home for some burgers. It was a fun day!

There is not much else going on here. I hope everyone has a great week. Hopefully, we can all get at least a few stitches in! Kelly


  1. Seeing your Safari is making me want to pull out my Terry Dryden Seasons project. :) It is coming along great.

    Those embroidery hoops look wonderful-I am using "vintage" wooden hoops that are thin and rather rickety. But still having problems with getting out hoop marks if used on bigger projects :(

  2. Thanks for the new site. I have checked it out and will propably get a hoop or two and some lovely scissors. Your Safari is gorgeous!

  3. I just love those giraffe spots on Safari what great colours! Sometimes I find my mind tends to wander more when I think I should be stitching but I don't really want to... not as much get done.

    You have a wonderful and wide variety of projects on the go!

  4. Just love the progress on all your pieces. I'll have to keep those embroidery hoops in mind for future projects. The ones I have are pretty rickety and old. Can't wait to see your start on Scott Lee. My copy came in the mail this past week or so, and I can't wait to get the supplies for it.