Monday, August 2, 2010

Stash Enhancement!

I did not get much stitching done over the past week but did I enhance my stash! The picture above is actually a gift for the lady I visited in Newport last weekend. She did not have stretcher bars for her project so I am giving her what she needs for a painted canvas she already owns. She travels several days a week so I thought this would be a nice little travel project for her when she is in her hotel room.

These are my stretcher bars! These are needed mainly for my classes at ANG National and my friends NAN class. Needless to say my bill at the LNS was huge. The owner told her husband that they needed to reorder Evertite's for the upcoming Seminars once I was done. If anyone needs Evertite's and shops at North Shore Needleworks, it is OK. She still has a few bars left.

Above is a Princess and Me canvas that I bought on Ebay. I bought the thread for this project. I won't get to this one for a while but it is always good to have a project all kitted.

Finally, I bought some of the threads for Scott Lee. The shop owner thought I should use silk instead of the Perle cotton #5. The store did not have the Perle #8 or #12 so she is ordering those for me. We tried to substitute the Perle #8 with a silk but the right colors were just not available. The big stretcher bars (13x20) were purchased for this project.

Right now my job is just about as secure as a job can be in this day and age. However, if anything does happen, I will be well prepared to pass my time. I am not allowing myself to start anything big until a couple of my big projects are finished so Scott Lee will just have to be admired from the project bag for a while. Seminar & the NAN pilot class will add three medium projects and a travel project. Orna Willis says her project can be completed at Seminar so that holds some promise.

My nieces and nephew did well at the State Swim Meet. In most events they improved their personal best times. Let me tell you, swim meets are boring. It is exciting to watch kids you know swim but other than that, you sit in this chlorine filled, hot room with a bunch of overbearing parents. I did get a little more done on Lucy and I will show a picture later. I am not sure if anyone but me would notice the progress at this point. I bounced around on Safari, Sweet Harmony and a little cross stitch ornament during the week so not much progress to show on any one project.

That is about all for today. I cannot believe it is already August. Where has summer gone? Soon we will be holding our breath for a good Bears team and wondering if the new hockey players are as good as last years champions. Kelly


  1. Nice stash! I like all your projects too. Thanks for commenting on my blog. A kit we got from the vets has a brochure on insurance. I was thinking we should get our baby insured too, but DH was saying no. I will tell him what you said. :D Thanks for the advice. On the sleeping, I'm hoping that we can teach Mia to be like your cat -- come and go on her own. lol!

  2. I love getting my projects kitted up also. You have such great self-control :) Thanks for voting on my blog!

  3. nice stash :-) All my SL fibers should come today. And unlike you, I think I'm going to start. I have no self control!

  4. I just love stash matter whom it belongs too. I also get a charge out of kitting projects. I'm easily entertained.

  5. Great stash! Thanks so much for posting a comment on my blog. I'm so happy to have found you! You're going on the blog roll so we can keep in touch.
    Thanks again, and your stitching is wonderful!