Friday, November 19, 2010

Back to stitchy stuff

I have not had time to stitch much lately but I sent my husband to Inspired Needle to pick up my finishing. The finisher did a very nice job and was reasonably priced. Most of the ornaments are going to my friends whose house blew up last December due to a gas leak. I was going to give one of the needlebooks and scissor fobs to another friend for a thank you gift for hosting a party but the finishing was too expensive for a hostess gift at a pot luck dinner so I think I am going to keep the multi colored set for myself. I love the silk she used on the needlebook and the fob. Since I am happy with this finishing, I will take my Teresa Layman set to her for finishing. I did buy my own silk for that project so I know it is what I want. For the projects pictured below, I left everything up to the discretion of the finisher.

On another happy note and not something you hear everyday, Needlework in Paradise
in Naples, Florida is expanding their shop to the adjacent store. If you are going to EGA Seminar next year, this is a nice store to visit. This store does not have the best reputation but get your bitch on and this store is fine. I am planning on visiting then next week.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and many hours of stitching.