Friday, February 18, 2011

Soon to be released!!

Blogger is not cooperating with me and will not allow me to delete this picture so you get to see my backside...

Hello!! A friend of mine who just finished NAN training and designed Mayan Lightning was asked to write a chapter for a book. The book is Crafting by Concepts: Fiber Arts and Mathematics. You would never guess she is a Math professor. The cube is a diaper pattern and there were some pretty big math terms in the directions. My finishing is not the greatest because I misunderstood the directions which as a pilot stitcher this is part of the process. This cube and some others were stitched last summer and it is in some of the pictures in the book. This is the second math/craft book these ladies have written. The first book was so wildly successful that they were asked by the publisher to write a second book. Who would have guessed?!

I figured I would lose followers if I did not get off the slow progression of Beautie Spot. I finished this small ornament /necklace. I do not see myself wearing this. Orna Willis gave this to me because the first on I did was so short on thread she felt bad. I changed the colors in this one so it would look a little more like Christmas.

Finally, I want to show you my progress on the Pig. This Teresa Layman project has a ton of Colonial Knots which move much more swiftly than the French Knots. I finished the water, the tree trunks and started on the grass. The flowers will be fun so I am saving those for when I get tired of grass and sky.

Today is my birthday so we are going out to Moto tonight for dinner. This restaurant has been all over the Food Network, it was one stop Anthony Bourdain made on No Reservations when he was in Chicago, and they have their own show Future Food on Planet Green. We are having the ten course meal (opposed to your other choice of a 20 course meal) with the wine pairing tonight so it should be yummy! DH did not think he could take 4 hours in a restaurant to eat 20 courses. I figured that would come with 20 small glasses of wine and I would be drunk before dinner was over.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend with many hours of stitching and sunshine.


  1. Happy, happy birthday! I'm jealous about your dinner plans.
    P.S. The back of your canvas is so freaking neat!

  2. I want to see all of Beautie! :-)