Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Be Happy

OK, I will admit this is a lame attempt to get back to stitching.  The finished piece is just the photograph that came with the Shepard's Bush kit.  My scissors fob is still in two pieces, with no stuffing, and no pretty ribbon nor beads.  A friend of mine is thinking about starting a finishing business so that motivated me to finish this up and I can pay her to do the finishing which I am horrid at.  I will see her at the end of the month so once I post the finished piece, it will be new again in most of our minds. 

Last weekend was pretty uneventful.  I had my guild meeting and we had a pulled thread class.  I may practice on a few of the sections to get my tension better but I really do not see myself making this into the tuna fish can pin cushion anytime soon.  I also booked my flight to Naples for the EGA conference in September.  That is less than two months away. 

IPad, reading, and now Big Brother are killing a bunch of time.  I finished Shaken by J.A. Konrath and Catching Fire, the second book in Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins.  I love the Hunger Game series.  I am planning on starting the final book today.

That is all that is going on around here.  I hope you find some stitching time in your day. 

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  1. Well assembled or not it is cute as can BEE!