Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back from EGA

Hi,  I am back from the EGA seminar and caught up enough with life to post.   You may want to grab a cup of tea because this could be a long post.  My first day, I got settled into the condo and took a run down to the hotel to see how long it would take and to go to dinner and shopping with some friends.  They wanted to buy food for their hotel rooms. 

Day two was Winning Ways.  This is a lecture by four designers on how you would judge different techniques.  This year one person spoke about beading, another about smocking, one about lace, and the final speaker talked about multi media.  The real goal is to get people to go through the judging program with EGA but most of the people in the class were national teachers and others that just wanted to improve on their own skills.  This was a very interesting class, reasonably price, and an enjoyable day even if you have no intention of judging or even doing a technique.  (Smocking for example, I cannot for the life of me figure this sport out.  It is fine on baby clothes but once a kid is old enough to pick out their own clothes, there will not be any more smocking and someone suggested nightgowns.  If I live to be 100, I still don't think I would be old enough to wear a smocked night gown.)

Monday and Tuesday was the Tropical Beading Box.  Marsha Papay-Gomola is a wonderful teacher and if you enjoy stump work you should take one of her classes.  Even if you can't get to a National Conference, she will be teaching with the Shining Needle Society in the upcoming year but in person would be the best.  This class is a stretch of my abilities.  I had never done the long and short stitch.  I am improving.  I may redo part of the wing below because the blue looks a lot better than the red section.  Marsha brought tons of models to class and they were spectacular.  She is a very talented lady. 

Wednesday was spent at the Outlet Mall and the pool.  It was great to have a break.  In the past, I have taken five days of classes and that is a lot.  I don't think I will ever take five days of classes in a row again. BTW... It is also nicer to stay at the hotel with everyone but free beat out the convenience of the hotel this year. 

Thursday and Friday was Ivory by Carolyn Standing Webb.  Carolyn was another wonderful teacher.  I took a pulled work class because I did not pull tight enough on my first piece and the second piece is just going to get pitched.  My first two pieces were not designed well and they did not use the right linen for pulled work.  This class was a whole new experience.  The linen is lovely, I can get good, uniform holes but the photograph is crap. 

Friday night my husband came back to Naples from the Key's where scuba dived all week.  That evening we did Happy Hour at the Club and meet some of the neighbors.  Saturday was a little more shopping at the Outlet mall and Coconut Point Mall.  In the afternoon, I worked a bit on Ivory.  That evening we went to the beach with our neighbors and I was devoured by sand fleas.  Those are nasty little bugs.  We agreed that was our last sunset at the beach.  Sunday was brunch and cleaning up so we could go back to Chicago. 

Below is the bit of stash enhancement I picked up.  I love silk gauze and French knots so I could not pass up these little projects.  They will make good little travel projects and cute ornaments for the tree in Florida. 

Finally, I have a couple of financial issues to discuss.  First, I went to the library to day and got a library card.  Wow, that place is a treasure trove of free.  I know, it has been this way for years and I should have caught on.  The library is not in a convenient location for me so returning books is a pain and I don't deal with things that are just a pain in my ass.  Now they have Kindle and you can order books on line.  They also have audio books that can be downloaded to I Pod.  Now they are a little short on number of copies but in time I bet they work this out. 

My second financial issue, is not so happy.  What is up with Needlepoint Now?  The new issue has a really nice piece that is a memorial piece to 9/11.  This is not necessarily a piece that I would do but it was mentioned on a blog today so I looked it up.  This canvas is $300 dollars discounted!!  I also know the Leigh piece will be expensive.  If I loved a piece, $300 would not be out of the question mind you, but this is a magazine and they should have mass appeal.  One would think they would do something that many people would want to do and could afford to do no matter what canvas they choose to highlight.  Sure a few people will get a nice stitch guide for the price of the magazine.  Maybe this is just my issue and people could choose to do one of the pieces they can draw on the canvas at a much lower cost.  I should just look at the stitch guide, see the threads and stitches that were used and glean knowledge for future pieces. 

That is about all for today.  I am working on dinner reservations for Saturday which is pretty short notice.  Tonight is the Patricia Locke jewelry sale and book club so I better play in the makeup so I look alive. 

Have a great week. 


  1. Next time we both go to Seminar we'll have to arrange a meeting! Sounds like you had as much fun as I did!

  2. Hello, Kelly. I've viewed the switch to painted canvas stitch guides that NP Now has made with mixed feelings. Sure, it's wonderful to be able to analyze what top teachers and stitch guide writers have done, but I love outlined pieces, too. To be far, not every project in the Sept./October 2011 issue is expensive (the Hooty Owl on the back is around $65 without threads). That's a lot less than the roughly $200 for my Temple of 1000 Cranes. If you can use threads from your stash, Hooty won't be too much more. There are also several charted projects in the issue. But compared to XS, needlepoint is expensive. No way around that. Throw in threads and beads and sequins, and you will easily pay double the price of the canvas. I'm a little shocked at how much a small piece can cost so my next model for Leigh Designs is going to be mostly in DMC cotton floss with only 1-2 specialty threads for areas where I need sparkle. Best I can do, especially since Leigh Designs tells me they do very well in a recession as their typical customers are folks who will cut back their spending by not going on a cruise or not buying a new car, but splurging on 2-3 big NP projects instead. Needlepoint has always appealed to the luxury stitcher apparently, although I think choice is good for us all.

  3. Sounds like a wondrful and refreshing time for you. Get busy stitching! :)

  4. Wow, what beautiful projects! Sounds like a great seminar!