Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

 Since my stitching is pretty much non-existent, I thought I would show my flowers this year.  The ones above are on the back terrace.  Can you see the air in my pictures?  It is in the 90's and humid today.  The 311 building (high rise between the buildings) is about 8 blocks away and looks like it is living in a cloud today.  My flowers in the back did not turn out as well as I would have liked.  The potato vine and the pink bushes I planted about took over this year.  Every year is different so I will try something different next year. 
 The front balcony is a whole different story.  The two planters up front are absolutely beautiful.  I have the perfect spot for Inpatients.  There are three flats of flowers in my two 40 inch planters so that is 72 Inpatients and 10 ivy plants in the two boxes.  My only issue is these were supposed to be red, orange and purple but the red and orange grew up to be almost identical in color.  Next year I will replace the red with another color.  To highlight my pretty flowers I bought a little bistro table for the balcony.  This is one of the few bistro tables that I found that is actually comfortable to sit in. 
Well the weekend is about upon us.  I have one more work call and then we are off for a four day weekend.  The weekend is being kicked off with Happy Hour(s) with friends.  Tomorrow the boy's from Stanley Steamer are coming in and cleaning the carpets and the furniture.  Saturday, DH invited his work team and their family's over for a party and the rest of the weekend is ours.  I am pretty sure Sunday and Monday will fill up with more food and fun. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday weekend.  Cheers!

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  1. Love the impatience! They are great. My flowers are always worn out from the heat and humidity by this time of summer. Have a happy holiday