Thursday, December 1, 2011

 Hi,  I am back from my trip to Florida and trying to catch up with every one's blogs.  Thank you for the kind comments on my last post.  I did not respond to everyone individually because I did not even look at the blogs for about a week.  I am getting caught up and everything is pretty much under control.

I did get a lot of stitching done on this trip.  I started the snowman ornament that is pictured above on my plane ride down.  He turned out really cute.  I still have the background to work on but that is a good task for my next trip. 

I got to visit Needlepoint in Paradise while I was in Naples.   They are having a fun trunk show with Edie and Ginger frogs.  I did contain myself so far but I am bidding on Ebay for a frog.  I bought the thread to work on the flamingo scissor fob from the EGA National Seminar.  This is done on 40 count silk gauze with one strand of Splendor.  I added one strand of Accentuate to the blurry, blue swirls.  These may be famous last words, but this project is moving along quickly.  I should have the motifs done shortly and then I will have to work on filling in the background.  This whole picture will only be around 2 inches by two inces when complete. 

While I was in Florida, a professional sand castle event was going on.  The sand castles and artists are amazing.  Here is a sample of my favorites. 

A nod to the Chicago Blackhawks

Time to get back to work.  This work stuff allows me to afford what I want to do but boy would I rather be stitching:)   Happy stitching. 


  1. Stitching is great and sandsculptures are as well. How fun you were there for that!

  2. Wow, those sand castles are absolutely amazing! Great little stitches while you were away!

  3. Ornies look great, and glad you had a fab time in FL. :D The sand castle pics are awesome!!

  4. Love the pics of the sand castles! What amazing detail. Nice progress on your stitching!

  5. hey Kelly,
    I LOVE your snowman, how CUTE he is!
    Your pics are lovely and I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to Fla.
    I so miss trips to Chicago, miss Chicagoland immensely. I bet it's so pretty down town about this time of year.


  6. Hi Kelly! Just wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I'm happy to have found yours as well--cute stitching and I love the flamingo. That would be a cute design to stitch for my MIL who just happens to live in Naples, FL as well.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and do stop in again :)