Wednesday, December 21, 2011

 Hi,  I am back from the Turks and Caicos.  Considering I have been traveling every other week this month, I have a lot of stitching to show.  My first picture is of Beautie Spot.  I am currently working on the bunny and the boarder.  The bunny is a little creepy without his eye and his ears.  They are soon to come.  Hopefully the next time I blog about Beautie, it will be done and ironed. 
 Santa was my pool buddy on vacation.  I spent my mornings under cover and stitched on this Princess and Me Santa.  I have him finished down to the background which I hope to finish up on Friday so I can take another ornament to Naples.  I might have finished him but security did not like my little kid scissors so they took them away.  Some countries don't allow points so these had rounded ends but they were too big.  No big loss.  I only carry on scissors that I don't care if they are taken away.  Hopefully the scissors will be donated to some school kid.  The poverty is pretty bad on the island. 
 Before I left I finished this Princess and Me Snowman.  He is so cute with his fringed scarf.  My finishing bill early next year will be huge. 

Finally, let me leave you with a couple of pictures from the Turks.  The water in the Turks is beautiful.  DH got in 9 dives on this trip so I had a lot of time at the adult pool.  I did spend a couple of  days on the beach but I am really more of a pool person because I don't like the sand in everything and on me.  We stayed at the Veranda which turned out to be condos.  It was nice to have a washer and dryer in the unit.  This was an all-inclusive vacation.  The food was good and the booze was top shelf.  We meet a lovely couple from Chicago and we shared many bottles of Champagne by the pool one afternoon. 

While my mornings were spent with Santa. My afternoons were spent with Kindle.  Let me just say that I love that the library loans books on Kindle.  All three books I read came from the Chicago Public library.  My first book was a little older, The Story of Edgar Sawtell.  It was pretty good.  I had a hard time with this book because I kept waiting on the dog to die.  The death of animals makes me cry and I knew this was going to be part of the book.  I will not read Marley and Me because I heard the dog dies.  The second book was The Night Circus.  I really enjoyed this book.  Finally, I read Girls in White Dresses.  This is a girly book and this is not my usual genre.  I only read this because the author was from Chicago.  This book is good if you are looking for this type of read. 

I leave on Saturday for Naples for a week.  I am done with my Christmas shopping however most of the gifts involve cash, checks, or gift certificates.  DH ordered his own Christmas present before the Turks.  He got a dive computer which he used on vacation.  The only other gifts I bought were for my parents.  Part of those are already in Florida and I will bring down a few gifts.  New Years Eve is a stitching day with the guild ladies and we are hosting a wine tasting party for a small group of friends. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season.  Enjoy your family and friends but I hope you can find a little time to stitch.


  1. Your Beauty Spotte is amazing! That place you went to on vacation looks pretty fabulous too. Love the Santa and snowman. Have a great holiday!

  2. Beauty Spotte is gorgeous. I can't wait to celebrate the completion of the sampler with you.

  3. Stitching looks great, as do the Turks pics! Have a Merry Christmas in Naples.

  4. Love your finishes and Beauty is just that. Trip sounds fantastic. That was a lot of diving which is relaxing but wears you out as well. Glad you were able to stitch some.