Monday, June 21, 2010

Back to Stitching...

Last week was really busy with life so I did not get any stitching done until a little on Thursday night an a lot on Sunday. My first blurry picture is of the bug to the right of the big flower I completed a couple of weeks ago. The two green lines go all around the design. I just had a little bit of thread in my needle so I used it up. I am sure going around this huge project in Pine will be loads of fun. I am thinking that I should occasionally stitch a thread or two so this is not 100% left to the end.

The second picture shows my completed butterflies and the start of the mushroom motif.

The clothes are from this interesting sale I went to on Saturday. It was a pop up store in my neighborhood. The store is in an empty storefront and will only be in this location for a month. They are selling designer samples at 50% to 80% off. The top is so soft. It does not have any tags other that the designers name so I am not sure how to wash it or what it is made of. The dress is for a 50th birthday party that is next Saturday. The party will have lots of gay guys so I needed something new to wear. You cannot go to these parties with bad hair or clothes:) The store is having a reception on Thursday night with food and wine. They said they would be getting more clothes in so I might go back over. It is only a block away so it is easy enough to get to.

Finally, here is a picture of my old boy enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon. He is laying on the bottom shelf of the serving cart. A favorite summer location.

Hope your day's are full of stitching. Kelly


  1. you are totally correct in starting on that border. it would be so boring to have nothing but that left at the end! Dillon is such a sweetie. :-)

  2. Great progress on Beaute and I think that you have a good idea with doing a little bit of stitching on the border here and there. And love the clothes you picked up. I wish we had things like that here.

  3. Hi Kelly! Thanks for leaving such a WISE comment on my blog. And thanks for sharing your experience at's nice to know that there's someone else out there who thinks well of doodling...I'm not sure how it will turn out but we'll see...

  4. Dear Kelly, Yes, it's hot down here, but that's not too bad, it's the thunder and lightening we're having every day that's getting to me!!! LOL My little dogs are shivering!
    So good to hear via your note that you may be coming down around Thanksgiving. I plan to be here unless something happens and I get to go see one of my children.
    One of these times, we really are going to get together!!
    Really beautiful choices on the dresses. They are so retro. I remember dressing like that in the 60's!!

  5. Love that little paisley number, wish I could wear it. Have fun. Cute kitty too!