Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In my last post I mentioned the H2O sale and this is part of my haul. This stuff is for my nieces that are 10 and 12. I also bought a little bag and put 8 or 9 small bath washes in for my niece that had her 6 year old birthday party on Saturday. I had to buy some things for me but that picture did not make it to my email. We had a good time at the sale. One of my stitching friends from the Guild joined me. She bought a bunch of stuff for her 10 year old. The warehouse gives you a plastic bag and a box with a rope attached. You drag this box around the sale dumping in your goodies. When you are all done, you pay, and the products go into your plastic bag. To give you an idea about the deal the small body washes were $.50 cent each and the big lotions were under $4.00. The small body washes will be good for their swim bags and my friend is using them as Tooth Fairy gifts.

I don't have any stitching pictures to show this week. I have been too busy and really did not accomplish all that much. Soon I will have one small bug and two butterfly's to show from Beautie Spot. I also have an ornament that is a snowman. I am not sure if I will be able to photograph him until I get to the back stitching because I am not sure the white on white will show up.

I thought I would take a minute to talk about my reading. I have a Kindle and I subscribe to a Kindle blog. The blog tells me about a lot of free or cheap books that are available for the Kindle so I order some of these books. I don't want to get in to any one's religious business but Kindle has an agreement with some religious publisher and they are giving away some of their books. This would be fine if they would all be up front that these are religious books. I sometimes choose to read books with religious themes. The publisher is describing the books as a mystery or a romance or whatever genres. You start reading along, the charterers are about to go in and capture the terrorist, oh but wait, lets pray over this mission. I mean honestly, the buildup is kind of lost. The book Rooms was so religious I was expecting them to offer to sell me Bibles at the end and no where in the description was religion mentioned. This book is taking a beating in the reviews because they were not up front. Has anyone else order these books from Amazon/Kindle? They have been high on the Kindle best seller list mainly because they are free!! BTW, the Bible is in public domain so it is free.

I am so over the wholesome books, I am on to gay lit. The book is Strings Attached and it was another free Kindle book. I am still happily married and not planning on changing teams but at least this book has an interesting story to tell, some steam, and some mystery. I guess I need to get over the free books and start paying the $9.99 like Amazon wants me to.

It has been a busy week with year end financials at work, a board meeting at the Shelter, a massage tonight, and dinner with friends tomorrow night. The weekend is also booked but I will save something for later.

Hope you are able to get some stitching time in. Kelly

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  1. This is totally off-topic, Kelly, but I wanted you to know that Fred and Ginger appear to be discontinued canvases, so Leigh won't be asking me to stitch them as models. The Big Hat series sells like hotcakes still, but since they sell like mad and aren't brand new, models aren't needed. Oh, well.

    What seems to be the problem with them? Are you stuck at one place in particular? Email me at chilly hollow at hotmail dotcom and I'll make some suggestions. I don't know what the canvases look like, though, except in general as I can't find photos online.

    Jane, waving from CH