Wednesday, September 1, 2010

French Knots and Basket Weave

Now that I have your attention with my riveting title. I have made some progress on Lucy this week which is amazing since we have been pretty busy. I got all the way around the outside in the ever so exciting basket weave. This is mainly done for finishing purposes. I finished the pink Scotch stitch and more black tent stitch around the pink and blue squares. The white canvas you see around Lucy is also all black so you can see why I am working on some of the more boring stuff first.

I have made quite a few French knots since I last posted my bee scissor case. I have been working on the blue backgrounds in the bands and massive amounts of ivory.

The past weekend was busy. On Saturday, I went to the North Shore to visit my LNS to pick up a few threads for Scott Lee that had to be ordered, then it was off to Costco. I am on the board of a homeless shelter and we volunteered to make sack lunches for the guests. Well my husband is not a slap a piece of meat between two slices of bread type of guy. We worked on the menu, planned healthy snacks, thought about distribution, and started cooking on Saturday. On Saturday he roasted nuts, glazed them in some concoction he came up with and bagged them. On Sunday, he made 14.5 dozen chocolate chip cookies. Then we made turkey wraps, with bacon, greens, cabbage, red peppers, and cheese. We served this with little containers of Ranch dressing, a piece of fruit and water with packets of lemon aid or tea. These 40 lunches took most of Sunday to complete and deliver to the Shelter for Monday's lunch. I had one of the lunches on Monday and it was good. The cabbage really added a good crunch.

Last weekend was also the Taste of Greece which was a block from our condo. We walked that a couple of times then went to the new park and played with the dogs in the dog park. The dog park is a hoot! We are not home enough to have a dog but I really enjoy playing with other people's dogs.

Today is an exciting Wednesday. I am working from home because I am getting a stitching package which I will tell you about later and the good cleaning people are coming.
They scrub the floors on their hands and knees and they are washing windows!! I don't think the windows have been washed since I had my stitching group in last fall. (I really should not admit this in public:))

That's about it for today. I will post my new stitching toy later this week... Happy Stitching!

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  1. LOVE your sweet, sweet Easter Basket :)
    And that scissors pocket it gorgeous!