Friday, September 3, 2010

Stitching Toy

I finished my giraffe spots on Safari. The color in the picture looks a little bright but it is Fish Pepper by Vicki Clayton and is really a muted color. I am setting a goal for the weekend to finish this section. The background on this section should be fairly quick but a lot of laying threads.

Now onto my new toy! My new System 4 Travel stand was delivered on Wednesday. There is always a big debate between which is better, the System 4 or the Lowery. I bought the Lowery first because the base did not have as big of foot print as the System 4. Prior to the Lowery I had the Gazelle and I was tired of all the feet. The Lowery base is not as stable as the System 4 and you do need to put some weight on it so your work does not tilt over. The System 4 is all feet and teachers are not all sold on this stand because they trip over the feet. For my stitching chairs, I basically have to work from the side because one has an ottoman and the other is a chaise lounge. Personally, I don't see much difference in the stands other than the feet so buy what fits under your stitching chair. The Lowery base is flat so it might work better if you have a chair such as a Lazy Boy with lots of mechanics underneath.

You may be questioning why I need two stands. I don't, but I wanted the travel stand. My company gave me a service award so I had extra money to spend on something fun. Plus, I can take my travel stand to my pilot class in a couple of weeks, ANG National Seminar in October, and it can go to Florida on our holiday trips. I will get my mom to accessorize my stand for Christmas.

One more thing about the stands is get on line and price these things. I really wanted to support my LNS but her quote was close to $100 dollars more than the place I found on line. Now I am all about supporting local shops but not at price difference.

Finally, I wanted to tell you about my new/old book. This book is free on
I printed the book out and took it the UPS store and had the wire binding added for about $5.00. It is a great basic embroidery book. It is in black and white but you can see the pictures and they have very nice line drawings of stitches. I never really learned embroidery and occasionally I need to use some of the stitches.

Hope everyone has a nice holiday weekend and hope Earl does not mess up any plans. Happy Stitching! Check back next week to see if I accomplished my goal.

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  1. May I inquire as to which store you bought your stand from? Like you, I've got some money that is designated for a new stand and after borrowing both the Needlework 4 and the Lowery, I've decided on the 4.