Monday, October 25, 2010

Once again Photography issues

I have been working on Mayan Lightning. This picture needs to be rotated and I cannot make it turn even in the edit section. The picture is from my IPhone so I have even less knowledge about what I am doing. The colors in this piece are very pretty in person. I was so hooked on the yellow last night I stayed up to close to midnight working on it. Keep in mind the yellow is rayon and that awful thread can usually run me off to bed.

The reason I don't have more control over the camera is because it is on holiday in Mexico with my husband. His consulting job was up so he decided to go down and scuba dive with some friends. The good news is this means my evenings are free to do what I want. Last night it was blue cheese, crackers and a glass of wine for dinner. OK not the most healthy dinner but the cleanup was easy which left more stitching time. I have done all my household jobs. I just have to maintain a few little things and the rest of my time is fairly free.

This is a short post because not much is going on. Maybe I will have more to show as the week goes on. Happy Stitching!

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  1. Kelly: The AIC actually has TWO exhibits - one is a textile exhibit & the other is a tapestry exhibit. Should be a good time at the AIC : )
    New post going up today .....