Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Guild Retreat Weekend

Frog Stew - Debbie Stiehler
I have lots to show this week because I sat around and stitched most of the weekend at the Windy City EGA Guild Retreat.  The retreat was a lot of fun.  I brought tons of projects and only really worked on three.  I had shopping to do and socializing to do.  Actually, I am more comfortable in my own nest and get the most done when I am home, which is rarely any more.  On Frog Stew, I got the lines to the right on the Witches vest done.  I think I need to finish the plaid on the right before I do any more on the left so I can make sure everything lines up.  I don't want her to have a cheap looking outfit with mis-matched plaids. 

Mayan Lightning - Diane Hermann
I finished the green and purple band on the top of Mayan Lightning.  The green and purple band on the top is the same as the purple and green band near the bottom.  It is interesting to see how different they look because of the color change. 

Affectionatly called the Wave - Diane Hermann
I am working on band five of the wave.  This is such a relaxing piece to work on.  I have seperated my threads through band 7 and put them on thread holders.  This really helps in keeping this project moving.  This was a great project to work on in the evening because it did not take a lot of thought or counting. 

Kimberly Crum and Sheperd's Bush

Be Merry - Erica Michaels - Silk Gauze 

Onto my shopping... Out in the Western Suburbs, I went to two needlework shops.  I went to Inspired Needle to drop off some finishing and I picked up the cute scissor fob by Sheperd's Bush.  It has the nicest ribbon for the finishing.  I also bought the Erica Michael's Be Merry project on silk guaze plus all the thread. 

I also went to Village Needleworks in Westomont.  This is where I bought the Kimberly Crum pattern.  I wanted this pattern last year but it was expensive and I really did not need another pattern.  This year about all their counted needlepoint patterns were in the clearance basket so I got the pattern at half price. 

This is turning out to be another busy week.  My friend from Paris was in last night for dinner.  Tonight is a facial and the next two nights my niece is staying with us because she is working in the city and does not want to commute.  The weekend appears to be quiet for now so maybe I can catch up on some things at home. 

Happy Stitching!!

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