Monday, March 28, 2011

Fun with Silk Gauze

I had a productive week last week until the Frog came for a visit over the weekend and I had to Rip some things out.  Be Merry is worked on 40 count silk gauze using the suggested colors except one.  The pattern had Crescent colours Lemon Lime for the background but that color was just to similar to Gentle Arts Spring Grass which is all the green in this pattern.  I had the corner done to the point I am now and decided that color was not going to work.  It might have been the dye lot I got hold of.  Anyway, it takes a lot of time to pick out basket weave on silk gauze.  I am using Gentle Art Willow for the background.  It looks more like the picture on the pattern.  This did stitch up very quickly and I am enjoying working on this project.  Hopefully, the background will not bore me to tears or relegating this project to the WIP pile.

The frog was also a visitor to my Wave project.  I picked out most of rows 3-5.  I have them back in and row 6 is done but it is not worth a picture quit yet.  I am the only one that will see progress:)

Last week was another busy week.  I did just stay in and stitch on Thursday and Saturday.  This week does not have as much going on until the weekend.  I really need to get myself together and make sure I am ready for my trip.  I leave in less than two weeks for a 12 day trip of Eastern Europe.  I know I have plenty of clothes but I am still a little concerned about appropriate shoes and maybe some Yoga pants for the plane ride. 

Happy Stitching!!


  1. Kelly - I think that is quite an undertaking stitching on 40 ct gauze. I've seen many things done like this at my not-so-local shop and even bought the gauze thinking I'd try it, but nope, not yet. I do love how sweet the designs look those on this. You're doing a wonderful job!

  2. Oh, you've simply got to finish the background after spending so much time frogging the colour you didn't like! I cannot imagine unpicking basketweave on 40 count but I bet it's well worth it because that yellowy colour in the corner is going to make everything pop gloriously.