Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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Danube - on the way to Vienna
 Good morning!  I am back from holiday.  I have a ton of pictures which I will not make you suffer through all of them but I would like to talk about a few places I visited.  It was fascinating to visit formerly communist countries.  I will show you the pictures a little later this week because I don't have my pictures on this computer and I could not get them uploaded to the Internet this morning.  Let's just say it was a wonderful trip and mom and I are still speaking to each other after two weeks together.  That would not have happened twenty years ago...
I did get a tiny bit of stitching done on holiday.  Last night I finished Be Merry on 40 count silk gauze.  I loved this project!  It got tons of attention when I was stitching in airports, on planes, on buses, and on boats.  I also started a Princess and Me ornament but I have very little progress to show so no pictures.  I have another trip in early June which will be much more relaxing and I should be able to get some stitching done.

Things are slowly getting back to normal.  Work is under control, I my sleeping patterns are normal, I have said Hi to lots of friends, laundry is done, the house is clean, and tomorrow night is a massage.  The Hawk and the Bulls are in the Playoffs so that will keep me busy.   Maybe tonight we can flip between the games and I can work on one of my larger projects. 

Thanks for visiting and happy stitching!!

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  1. Oooh, I am going to be looking for your blog posts!!! Could it be that you have been on a Danube River cruise? Brings back memories from a few years back when we had a 2 week cruise on the Moselle, Rhine and Danube. Wonderful!
    And now we want to visit Eastern Europe, especially Poland and Russia.
    Your silk gauze project looks great - how big is it? I know you posted a pic earlier of it with a coin, but I have no idea how big your coin is LOL.