Monday, May 16, 2011

Reading Rather than Stitching

Happy Monday!  I don't have any stitching to show today because so little stitching has been done.  Instead, I have been reading.  It is so nice to sit outside with a book and get some vitamin D after the long winter.  Not that this past weekend was anything but wet and dreary but the week was warm.

Work gave me a crap project so I had Kindle read to me the Killing Room by John Manning while I did my data entry project.  This was just a murder mystery that did not require thinking to get the point.  It was actually a free book on Kindle when I first found it.  I really enjoyed the book until the end and the Zombies came out.  I had been given The Help by Kathryn Stockett to read a while back.  I absolutely loved this book and finished it in two days. 

I had other fun this weekend.  My Guild meeting was on Saturday.  It was a little boring getting everyone to agree what to do for our 30th Anniversary and I still don't think we have anything resolved.  I also had a nephew's First Holy Communion on Saturday.  We did not go to the church but we went to the family party.  We had a dinner party on Saturday night which was fun.  The condo we were at was next to a venue where the new Mayor Rahm was attending an event.  We caught a glimpse  of him going into the party.  Our hood is hopping this week with Oprah's final shows, the Heat and the Bulls play game 2 on Wednesday night, and we are getting a new mayor today.  We are having a client event this week at work and it is impossible to get a room at any of the swanky hotels. 

My final exciting thing for the weekend was buying a new IPad 2.  It is purely a toy for us to play with on the terrace this summer and on vacations.  I am busy working out the bubbles from the non-glare film I put over the screen.  I have also been loading applications on the machine.  Our old laptop is five years old so I think this will replace that older machine.

That is about it for now.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week.  I hope to return to stitching this week since the weather is not going to be all that great until the end of the week.

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