Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tail Feathers

 Can you believe that it is already August.  Where is summer going?  My letters for Seminar supplies are coming in, I won't see my Guild friends until Naples, I am planning weekends through September, and soon I will have to start booking my tickets for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I did manage to get in a few stitches into Beautie Spot.  I finished up the individual flower on the left hand side.  I finished the tail feathers and I am outlining the back end of the Dodo bird. 
This is a little travel project that I decided to work on.  This was our Guild's project last month.  I wanted to take the class because I have a pulled work class at Seminar and I wanted some practice.  At one point I was not going to finish this project because the directions are a little wonky and the finishing is making this into a pin cushion using an empty tuna fish can.  Seriously, I just could not see myself living with a used tuna fish as a pin cushion.  Just kind of grosses me out.  I know about reusing and re purposing but I would have been happier with a crushed pineapple can instead of tuna.   Anyway a Guild friend said to make it an ornament instead with lame as a lining to bring out the holes in the pulled work.  That seems like a much better idea, plus I only have to  see this one month a year instead of year round. 

Our house has been a revolving door of friends and dinner parties.  Last night I finally had to say enough and no one can come over.  Hopefully, that pattern can hold for tonight as well.   My husband is dealing with some eye issues and he will be off work this afternoon but that will not necessarily slow him down from cooking and inviting people over. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you have a wonderful week. 

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