Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Progress on Safari by Terri Dryden

My horrid photography skills are shinning through on these photos. I am trying to show how much I accomplished on Safari over the weekend. I completed all the stitching in the upper left hand corner, I added to the green silk below that, I added the diamonds, and the maroon and gold strip across the bottom. I wish you coud see the beautiful threads used in this project. The gold around the maroon silk Splendor is Sea Grass. I will have to look at the thread list to tell you what some of the other threads are but it is fun to see the different textures in this design.

This project is moving along pretty quickly if I devote the time to it. The three day weekend will give me some extra time to work on it. The light green silk section is confusing me. I don't have a good visual and understanding of the pattern. I need to wrap my mind around the design and that was just not happening for me last Sunday.

I have been busy this week so I have not stitched since the weekend. Maybe tonight I will be able to get something done. I have to watch last nights episode of the Biggest Loser. Love that show. Have fun stitching. KMM

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