Saturday, January 9, 2010

Today was our EGA meeting. We were supposed to bring in a few projects for the guild members to vote on and tell us which one to complete by the January meeting in 2011. I brought in my Windy City Santa by Libby Sturdy, Safari by Terri Dryden and my Long Dog Sampler. Santa and Safari tied twice so I got to pick my project for the year. My challenge piece for this year is going to be Safari. I guess now I have to get busy and stitch. I did work on it for a little bit over the holiday break so maybe this will help me keep my momentum going.

We are having friends over for dinner tonight so no stitching will get done. DH is making homemade pizzas. Tomorrow is another dinner so I will only get to stitch part of the day. His school starts on Monday so I will have some evening to myself to get more done.

If I make much progress on anything tomorrow, I will post a picture. Have a great weekend. KMM


  1. Woo Hoo!!!! Helloooooo, and may I just say a big fat WELCOME to the stitchy bloggy universe! I've just read everything you've written and have studiously stared at your pics....lovely! Very nice! Fabulous!

    Now stop saying that you're new, are stitching things beyond your ability, don't take good pics, etc. etc. Repeat after me: I. Am. Fabulous. And. Officially. At. The. Cool. Kids'. Table.

    (Uh, now can you tell ME how to get there?) ;)

    Welcome aboard, dearie! Happy happy stitching to you!

  2. Hi Kelly,

    I also have a challenge piece for this year which I'm supposed to have done by July, 2010. It's Janet Zickler Casey's "Uncle Sam". I haven't done much on him since before Thanksgiving. But now that the Holiday's are over, I hope to get more done soon. I better if I'm going to meet the July, 2010 date. LOL!

    I agree with Coni, please don't worry about being new to canvas work or blogging. If you need any help, just post and we'll see what we can do. You are now at the "Fun Table"! I like that better as I'm not sure if the "Cool Kids" actually had as much fun as we all thought. LOL!!!

    Windy Meadow