Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another three day weekend

I did not mean to have a three day weekend but I got a 24 hour flu and could not go to work on Friday. I hate wasting time off being sick. I would much rather use the time for vacation. I had another big stitching weekend because I was just not up to doing that much. Now I am tired of being sick and I am getting back to normal.

I spent some more time on Safari this weekend. I finished the green and cream section that has been intemidating. Once I got going, it was not bad which I knew that would be the case. I had not filled in a green section and that threw my mind in a tailspin. Once I got the visual in my head, I could see the pattern and this moved along. I also finished the stitches around the gold/wine diamonds and started the plum silk above the varagated tread. The beauty of needlepoint is it moves fairly quickly once you invest the time. Look at the huge sections I have done. So much progress in these pictures compared to my cross stitch projects. I did not even take a picture of my work on the Long Dog Sampler because I felt my work on the strawberry was not that exciting to show.

I have not shown a real picture of my Teresa Layman project until today. You cannot believe how addicting colonial knots and French knots can be until you do one of these projects. This is a small project but not a good travel project. I like to work on this project in a stand so I have both hands free. This allows me to make better knots. I might do one of her doll house rugs after this set is done.

Since I have been laying around a lot lately, I wiped out my DVR and moved on to movies. We went to a movie in a theater this weekend. I usually get to ADD to sit around and not have my stitching so I have not been in a theater in over 10 years. We saw Up in the Air. It was nice to watch George for two hours but other than looking at that hottie, it was not worth it. The theater experience is different than it used to be. This theater had a bar, served dinner, and did not allow children so all that was plesant. At home, I did watch Twilight and Juno. I like both of those movies. I also finished season one of Nurse Jackie on Showtime. Yet another series that I am hook on.

On the reading front, I finish Shanghai Girls. I really liked the book. She left herself open to writing a sequal to this book. I started South of Broad by Pat Conroy. I have only read the first chapeter but I think I will enjoy this book. I only have two books left on my Kindle so now I am getting excited about what I am going to order next. I have a six page wish list so it will not be hard to find something.

Tonight is dinner and a haircut so I won't get any stitching done. My hair has not been cut in three months and it needs it. My stylist quit her job so I have found someone new. This salon is closer to my house so it will be easier and cheaper to get a haircut. I picked their senior styist so hopefully she will be able to manage my mop.

My DH picked up a consulting job today so there goes my bitch. I guess him earning money is better than him doing my laundry and errands. It is good that he will be getting out of the house. He gets board and the cold weather does not allow him to do much outside.

Hope everyone finds time to stitch and have a wonderful week.

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