Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Crafty Weekend in Chicago

Hi, I don't have much exciting to say about my stitching life so I thought I could talk about my future excitement. This weekend is a big one in Chicago for the crafty type. First it is the International Quilt Show and in the same building is the Fashion and Jewelry Show. As many of you may have figured out, I don't quilt. Never fear, the quilt show, besides having a beautiful exhibit, has an exhibitor that has hand dyed thread called Artfabric. Their lines can be used where you would use floss or pearl cotton. I would also like to look at the fabric with Mrs. Waddelow in mind. The quilt show is full of notions and I love notions. You may need a tax id number to get into the Fashion and Jewelry show. I have one of those from my beading days and free admission sent by one of the vendors.

In the same area of town, there is the Miniatures Show. I do have my childhood doll house but it is pretty trashed by my nieces years of use so I am not shopping for doll house accessories. I am going to this show because Teresa Layman will be here. This show also has amazing exhibitors that do scale tatting and lacework. I may not buy anything but I enjoy looking at their handiwork.

Finally, it is the DYI Trunk Show: Do It Your Own D#mn Self show. This one day show is where local artist in the Craft Mafia sell their unwanted supplies. It is like a garage sale for the artists. I have never been to this sale and it sounds like fun. My chain maille teacher will have a booth.

Just think of all the crap I could buy and the projects I could accumulate in just one weekend. I am not sure if I am going to the Quilt and Jewelry shows but I will be at the other two. What I really need to do is sit on my a.. and stitch. I tried to stitch last night but I worked on my Bee scissor fob and the cat decided he had been neglected. This is done with a sharp needle so it had to be put away. Instead, I did nothing but hold a cat a watch the Biggest Loser.

My friends move to Sao Paulo tomorrow. They will be missed. Tonight is the final going away party. There has been about a month of going away parties. It will be a fun vacation once they get settled. Plus, they will be back in town or we can meet them in Miami or New York when they come to the States to shop.

That is all for now. Thanks for the comments and welcome to my new followers. Happy Stitching. Kelly

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