Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Stash

I am finally posting pictures of what I bought at the Guild Retreat. This first pattern scares me but I thought it was so pretty. It is a whitework sampler. What scares me is I don't pull tight enough on pulled work and I have done very little cut work or Hardanger. Oh well, someday I may get brave and I will be ready!!

I have a soft spot in my heart for notions and I was having a run on magnets. The long purple bar is a magnet made especially for the Lowery stand. It will hold scissors or laying tools. It is supposed to be a strong magnet on both ends. The yellow bee hive magnet went so well with my Teresa Layman project, I had to buy that one. The dragon fly and the travel scissors were bought so I could be well accessorized when I travel. Not that I have a trip planned. I usually travel bi-monthly and I have not been anywhere since Christmas. I am thinking about going to Florida next month. Hopefully, I can meet up with Deb this time for some shopping.

This is my final project from the weekend. I saw this on Tracy from Ink Circles blog and thought it was beautiful. I shamelessly copied from one of her customers. I think I went soft in the head when I purchased 25ct black fabric to stitch over one. I swore off black fabric 20 some years ago. At this age, I will need my 2.5 magnifiers and an up light to see this.

My final pictures are from Easter. Sorry the picture is small. I was tagged on FB and if I enlarge this picture it gets all out of focus. I am on the left, the 4 year old that was at Easter, The EB, and my husband. The final picture is the Challah bread DH made for Easter dinner. I must be honest, I did not eat any but it is really pretty. Everyone said it was delicious.

Happy Stitching. Kelly


  1. Wow! I am very impressed at some of your selections to stitch. That whitework has me scared! And the black Quaker puzzle is a beauty, but I am with you about black--can't see a thing without my lighted magnifier!! Your husband made the challah bread?! He must be a keeper! I love to check back and see what you are up to. :)

  2. Hi Kelly,
    It looks like you were very productive at your Guild retreat; both of these choices are spectacular and I just think of the accomplishment you'll feel after a day of stitching on them. Especially the one on black, just one stitch at a time is all it takes and you'll have created a beautiful work of art for your family to cherish.

    I loved the big Easter Bunny in your family photo. :) And the bread looks scrumptious. I can't believe you didn't dab on some butter and have a bite! LOL! I'm enjoying my first visit to you blog today.