Monday, April 19, 2010

Miniature Fun!!

As I mentioned in my last post, the past weekend was full of crafting fun. The two kits above are from the miniature show. I got to meet Teresa Layman and see her personal project which is just beautiful!! The miniature show was fascinating. First, I could not believe how crowded it was. Second, many of the exhibitors were from England. I did not realize miniatures were that big in England. Third, there were no doll houses at the miniature show. Finally, I asked my friend, who is in her 70's, if they brought in a bus from the Senior Center. She just replied that she was quite comfortable with the crowd.

So many of the exhibitors were true artist. Many of the things were hand made. The chandlers, the oil paintings and the stained glass windows and doors were very impressive. I mainly went to see the needlework and tatting. People were tatting with one strand of silk thread. One lady made miniature needlepoint pictures. I believe she said it was 48 count. She was only charging $25 dollars for the pictures and not nearly enough for the work involved in the tatting.

I did not make it to the quilt show but I did go to the Do It Your Own Damn Self show. I did not find anything at that show. If you are a knitter, you might have found some yarn or there were a few random things that could have been fun but I did not buy anything.

I have been working on my scissor fob. It is going very quickly. All I have left is the flowers, a few leaves and the background. I left the flowers and leaves so I can have some fun colors to work on.

This weekend was cool but beautiful in Chicago. I tried to be on the terrace as much as possible so I read. I read Storm Front. It is the first book in the Dresden Files series. I don't remember who, but one of the blogs I follow said she enjoyed this series so I believed her and bought this book. I enjoyed the book and I think I will continue to read this series. I also read the Shunning by Beverly Lewis this week. I like books by Beverly Lewis but this book was very similar to her other books and I knew what would happen next without reading more. This was a free book on Kindle so I really should not complain. I bought Tinkers this morning. It won the Pulitzer prize. It looked good and got pretty good reviews. Without even starting this book, I am wondering if it will be another book that wins a prize but does not strike my fancy. That happens all the time. I just don't agree with the experts.

I really need to get busy. I have financial numbers out today. Blogging and the internet are so much more fun than numbers. Happy stitching. Kelly

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