Monday, March 28, 2011

Fun with Silk Gauze

I had a productive week last week until the Frog came for a visit over the weekend and I had to Rip some things out.  Be Merry is worked on 40 count silk gauze using the suggested colors except one.  The pattern had Crescent colours Lemon Lime for the background but that color was just to similar to Gentle Arts Spring Grass which is all the green in this pattern.  I had the corner done to the point I am now and decided that color was not going to work.  It might have been the dye lot I got hold of.  Anyway, it takes a lot of time to pick out basket weave on silk gauze.  I am using Gentle Art Willow for the background.  It looks more like the picture on the pattern.  This did stitch up very quickly and I am enjoying working on this project.  Hopefully, the background will not bore me to tears or relegating this project to the WIP pile.

The frog was also a visitor to my Wave project.  I picked out most of rows 3-5.  I have them back in and row 6 is done but it is not worth a picture quit yet.  I am the only one that will see progress:)

Last week was another busy week.  I did just stay in and stitch on Thursday and Saturday.  This week does not have as much going on until the weekend.  I really need to get myself together and make sure I am ready for my trip.  I leave in less than two weeks for a 12 day trip of Eastern Europe.  I know I have plenty of clothes but I am still a little concerned about appropriate shoes and maybe some Yoga pants for the plane ride. 

Happy Stitching!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Guild Retreat Weekend

Frog Stew - Debbie Stiehler
I have lots to show this week because I sat around and stitched most of the weekend at the Windy City EGA Guild Retreat.  The retreat was a lot of fun.  I brought tons of projects and only really worked on three.  I had shopping to do and socializing to do.  Actually, I am more comfortable in my own nest and get the most done when I am home, which is rarely any more.  On Frog Stew, I got the lines to the right on the Witches vest done.  I think I need to finish the plaid on the right before I do any more on the left so I can make sure everything lines up.  I don't want her to have a cheap looking outfit with mis-matched plaids. 

Mayan Lightning - Diane Hermann
I finished the green and purple band on the top of Mayan Lightning.  The green and purple band on the top is the same as the purple and green band near the bottom.  It is interesting to see how different they look because of the color change. 

Affectionatly called the Wave - Diane Hermann
I am working on band five of the wave.  This is such a relaxing piece to work on.  I have seperated my threads through band 7 and put them on thread holders.  This really helps in keeping this project moving.  This was a great project to work on in the evening because it did not take a lot of thought or counting. 

Kimberly Crum and Sheperd's Bush

Be Merry - Erica Michaels - Silk Gauze 

Onto my shopping... Out in the Western Suburbs, I went to two needlework shops.  I went to Inspired Needle to drop off some finishing and I picked up the cute scissor fob by Sheperd's Bush.  It has the nicest ribbon for the finishing.  I also bought the Erica Michael's Be Merry project on silk guaze plus all the thread. 

I also went to Village Needleworks in Westomont.  This is where I bought the Kimberly Crum pattern.  I wanted this pattern last year but it was expensive and I really did not need another pattern.  This year about all their counted needlepoint patterns were in the clearance basket so I got the pattern at half price. 

This is turning out to be another busy week.  My friend from Paris was in last night for dinner.  Tonight is a facial and the next two nights my niece is staying with us because she is working in the city and does not want to commute.  The weekend appears to be quiet for now so maybe I can catch up on some things at home. 

Happy Stitching!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Guild Project

I wanted to show off my new project!!  I have never done a Florentine pattern before.  Since the animal was up before humans should be forced out of bed, I finished my first row and it came out where it was supposed to.  From here on out, I will not need to follow a pattern so it should stitch up fairly quickly.  This class was taught and designed by Diane Hermann.  She used our guild as her test class but she is hoping to teach this project at other guilds or regional meetings. 
For participation in Diane's Mayan Lightning class she gave us the magnet promoting the Santa Fe EGA National seminar.  Diane just graduated from NAN and she was selected to teach three classes in Santa Fe.  If you get a chance to take any of her classes they are a lot of fun. Her Owl piece that was chosen for National is beautiful.  Mayan Lightning and a notebook class will also be taught at EGA. 

This weekend is our Guild Retreat in Oak Brook.  I have been organizing this event and I am really looking forward to the weekend.  I have so many things I want to do over the weekend.  I don't really drive all that much so I am going to a cross stitch store and a needlepoint store.  Taxes are a lot cheaper in the suburbs so I want to look for some clothes for my trip to Europe next month.  You would think I was really going someplace but really Oak Brook is only about 20 miles from home:)  The most important thing for the weekend is stitching!!  This new piece will be great for later in the evening when I can no longer give a lot of thought to stitching.  Hopefully, I will get lots done and have fun things to show you on my next post. 

Have a great week and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Beautie Coming Along

Motif Finished

New Motif Started

Three years of progress

Hi,  I got to spend some time last weekend with Beautie Spot.  I finished the flower and bug motif and I started the star motif.  I was supposed to have the flower done in February and finish the star in March.  We will have to wait and see how that goal plays out.  I have four more designs to finish and the Pine stripe around the piece. 

Other than what I accomplished last weekend, nothing else has been done.  Our week was crazy!  We had work dinners, receptions, charity work, and dinners with friends.  Our friends are in town from Brazil another friend is in from San Fran, my brother and his family are coming in this weekend, and we have a going away dinner on Sunday so things are not slowing down until next week.  Plus, this is planning season at work and I have been putting in more hours than usual. 

On a happy note, I get to start a new project tomorrow.  I am taking a class at my Guild.  I will show you a picture once I get the pattern.  To keep the costs down we bought our own threads and we were given the canvas at the last meeting so we could get it on stretcher bars before the meeting. 

On the top of my piece is my tack push in tool.  It also comes with a tack remover.  Why didn't someone tell me this is a must have tool?  I used to push my tack in with my fingers and it worked.  This is so much better and easier.  I have been stitching for years and just bought this thing at Christmas time.  No more pushing tacks in with these fingers!! 

I am going to find time to stitch at some point this week.  Hope you have time to get lots of stitching done so I can live vicariously through your blogs. Have a wonderful weekend. 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Friday!

Last Friday...


Seriously, not that much to brag about. I am not really sure where last week went but it was not spent in the nest. We had a big party last Saturday and a small dinner party Sunday night so that shot the weekend. Monday was my book club. By Wednesday, I was a blob and Thursday required adult beverages.

This weekend should be quiet. About all of our friends are on their winter holidays so we are the only ones still in town. Since DH got a real job, our traveling has slowed down. I am going to Europe next month but I would still like some time with sand and sun. Tonight is my first massage at the Spa around the corner. I bought a package so I have a year of reasonable massages and facials.

Hope everyone has a great stitchy weekend.