Thursday, February 4, 2010

Slow stitching start to February

I have not accomplished much this week so I did not get in a big hurry to post anything. My EGA Guild had a stitch in at the Oak Park library on Saturday. I had a great time stitching with everyone but my progress seems minimal. I worked on my Libby Sturdy - Chicago Santa. I put in the bronze color at the bottom of his jacket. I guess any little bit helps. DH was trying to be helpful last night and pointed out that I still had a knot in this project. I had to explain that it was ok for now and everyone on a stitching blog would understand!

A couple of blogs suggested trying to stitch 15 minutes a day or put in two needle full of thread in a day. Both are excellent ideas but I have not put a stitch in the first four days of February so I am pretty sure this is not working for me. Tonight should be more relaxing so I am planning on stitching. We are all thrown off is DH is working in an office and not at home. Dinner every night is a big production of deciding if we are going to cook, eat out or have food delivered.

I worked on my Bee project by Teresa Layman on Sunday. I woke up early and this was the project I was able to grab without making much noise in the bedroom. Plus, I do not need all the proper lighting or stand to work on this project. I made some progress on the background. Later in the afternoon I had to go to one of my nephews 7 year old birthday party so that stopped my day of stitching.

Next weekend will not be that productive either. We are having a game night on Saturday with people from Kendall College cooking school. We are not game people so we are going to have to buy some games. Hopefully, this will become more about food and booze rather than games. Since everyone is a trained chef, the food should be good and creative. Sunday is the Super Bowl. I could care less about this game but friends are coming over to watch the game. At least the Super Bowl food is good!! Usually high calorie appetisers but those are some of my favorites.

That's all for now. Hope you have plenty of time to stitch this weekend. KMM


  1. I LOVE your Theresa Layman project. It would make a really cute needle case. :-)

  2. I don't force myself to stitch on a schedule. I find it more relaxing to treat it as a hobby and stitch when I feel like it. Of course, it is addicting...once I start, I don't want to stop - especially if I'm close to finishing a project...
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