Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Background

That was fun!! I just added a new background to my blog. I tried this before but I did not have enough blogging abilities to make this work. Heavens knows what you may find now that I can change the background!

I don't have any pictures to post today but I have been stitching on my Long Dog Sampler and I put in another color on Safari. If I am home tonight, I will take a picture and post another update tomorrow. I finished the strawberry motif and started on a new one. After the holiday's, I have been really good and I have stayed home and stitched a lot on the weekends so I have been getting a lot done for me.

I am waiting on my supplies for my ort box. I have ordered the supplies twice. One order is on back order and the other is delayed due to bad weather. I am really interested to see what I ordered. I ordered based on names. I did not have the time to look up the colors, plus looking on line is not always accurate. We can all be surprised by what I get!! I figured I would order a couple of variegated balls of pearl cotton and I would have DMC colors that will coordinate. If not, I can run down to Michael's or Joanne's.

My book for last week was Wench by Dolan Perkins-Valdez. I enjoyed this book. Some aspects of the book were disturbing. It is historical fiction so many of these things really did happen even if they difficult to imagine today.

That is about all for today. Hopefully, I can post some pictures tomorrow. Have a great day.

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