Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Stitching Blog without Pictures

Last night I had the best intentions of taking a picture of my progress on my Long Dog Sampler. I actually took the pictures, I went to the computer, I futzed with the computer, only to find out all of our external drivers went away. I am not sure if DH got this fixed or not because it was time to go to dinner. I will give this another try tonight or tomorrow.

Dinner was an adventure. A friend is buying distressed properties and the restaurant we ate at last night is on his list of possible acquisitions. Little did I know that my husband is interested in buying into this restaurant. It has potential but the current owners have no taste!! It will need to be redecorated to get the cheap plastic crap off the walls. I really cannot get worked up over this yet. Our accountants need to look at the books and see if this is even a viable business. DH is big into cooking but always said he did not want to own a restaurant. I guess you never know what ideas will pop into their heads.

Since I don't have any pictures, I will show a picture of a sampler I recently found and would like to stitch. Samplers with alphabets are not my usual taste but this one really caught my eye.

This is 1859 Sampler from Permin of Copenhagen. The original is written up in the current issue of Sampler Magazine. I think this will be in my next order . It is only a $10.00 pattern so it is not a big investment until I kit it in silk thread.

Speaking of orders, my orders for the ort box is still not here. I look every time I come or go. I don't have tracking numbers so I am not really sure when they will show up. I also ordered a Fit Bit which is similar to the Body Bugs that the people wear on the Biggest Loser only cheaper. I knew this was on back order until Feb. 14th because their production cannot keep up with demand. I want this so it encourages me to get more exercise into my life. I lift weights twice a week and walk to and from work but I need to work in more cardio. You never know when my next vacation will come around and I will have to wear a swimsuit.

That is about all for today. I hope everyone finds some time to stitch today.

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  1. the 1859 sampler is very nice! I love the older pieces - must be the history that is stitched into them!
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