Thursday, March 11, 2010

Needlebook Finished

I started my Folding Ort Box for CyberPointers SIG. The colors are a little off because I took this picture over a black towel so the colors would show up and so I would not have to place my needlework on my dirty patio furniture. The colors and background are very subtle when you see this in person.

Once again my photography skills are lacking but this one is not as blurry as the last picture. This one is a little brighter than the actual colors. I have to get a new camera. I have a gift certificate that I could use on a new camera so I should buy a new one with more zoom. OK, off photography, on to stitching... The Bee is done, other than finishing which will be finished by someone with these skills once the fob and scissor case are done.

I finished the book Primitive today. This was a free book for the Kindle. It is a mystery and go green/save the planet kind of book. It did not push save the earth down your throat so I enjoyed this book. I do not like it when books start preaching especially when I am just reading the book for fun.

My family is in Chicago this weekend. One of my nieces won the opportunity to swim in the State meet. Fortunately for me, they swim about a mile from my condo. DH will make them homemade pizza and milk shakes for dinner. The 21+ crowd will replace milk shakes with booze. I cannot imagine the lactose intolerance mess that would be created by all the cheese on the pizza and the milk shakes:)

That is all that is going on this week. I hope everyone has a great stitching weekend.


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  1. I really like the colors you picked out. Now I feel bad that I just tossed mine out so close to being finished. What was I thinking??