Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sides of the Ort Box

This is the four sides of my ort box for the ANG SIG. I used ThreadWorx for the variegated thread which was probably not the best choice of thread for this pattern. ThreadWorx is already cut and if I would have used pearle cotton on a ball I could have cut a long enough thread to do the two rounds of black work. I am planning on starting the bottom of the box tonight. There are several choices for stitching the bottom so decisions will have to be made.

The weekend will be busy. We have a 40th birthday party and a going away party on Friday night and Sunday we are having brunch after the Shamrock Shuffle. The Shamrock Shuffle is an 8k race that my husband and friends are running in. I would be lucky to run around the block so I will be in charge of pulling the casserole out of the frig so it can be closer to room temp before he cooks it.

I should earn my paycheck. I have six hours of calls today. Fortunately, I only have to listen in on most of them. Hope everyone finds time to stitch this weekend. Kelly

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  1. I am anxious to see how your ort box turns out. So far it looks great!