Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finished Ort Box

I finished my Ort Box last night. Yeah!! It was kind of dark outside and getting ready to rain when I took these pictures so they are not really clear. I am so happy this project is off my list. It was fun to stitch and I did learn along the way. I am not big on finishing and this ended up being a project about finishing. I have the supplies for about 10 more of these but I doubt another box is in my future. My mom looked at this project over the weekend and said this is a whole lot of work for a garbage can. I am afraid I have to agree with her.


Top - This is lined with Angel Suede. Invisible thread was my friend on this project



I did start the scissor case from Teresa Layman's Sweet Harmony last night. I needed something small to work on because my stitching chair was in use by the cat. I really need to stand up to him and take my chair back so I can work on my stand and big projects. I could also move my floor stand to my other chair. He can only be in one place at a time...

We had a nice time downstate over the weekend. I did not go to my 25 year high school class reunion. I did not enjoy 20 so I figured 25 would not be any better. We stayed up too late on Saturday night with my brother and his wife. On Sunday, we had Mother's Day lunch of steak, shrimp, twice baked potatoes and other sides which were delicious.

Tonight, my maid of honor, is flying in from Paris. I have not seen her in a year so it will be great to catch up. Hopefully, tonight will not end up being a late one. The Blackhawk's play hockey in Vancouver so the game does not start until 8:30 and they will not end until around 11. I guess I should face reality and start drinking caffeine.

After tonight, the rest of the week should be quiet so hopefully, I will have something stitchy to show later this week. Thanks for stopping by. Kelly


  1. Hi Kelly-Aren't moms great about getting right to the point of a matter? :) The finishing on your ort box looks very professional-thank God for invisible thread!

  2. I think that you did a wonderful job on this. Your comment from your mom cracked me up - perhaps it is for garbage, but it will make that garbage look wonderful!!! And you'll be happy to look at it everyday!