Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh Chrismas Tree and Other fun

Hi, Above is a picture of my new travel project but I was having so much fun, I worked on this a lot of Saturday. This is from the 2009 JCS Christmas Ornament magazine. This will be Oh Christmas Tree by Charlotte's Web Needlework. I had a hard time getting this project centered and counted correctly. The pattern was not real clear to me that there are four threads difference on each level. Now I am on my way and I am getting the counting thing down. I am going to make a few ornaments for a friend. Her home blew up due to a gas leak three day's before Christmas. They all made it out safely but their home was a total loss. Their son will be three next Christmas so I thought they would like some ornaments. My guild friends are going to make some as well so this will be one of my donations.

This is what I worked on Saturday night and some of Sunday. This one is moving along quickly.

Here is what I accomplished on Beautie Spot. Hopefully, I can spend some time with this piece and get some of this filled in.

My friend was here on Tuesday and Sunday night from Paris. She is a flight attendant so she occasionally gets the Chicago route. We were up way to late last night but I think I can do this work thing today without a nap. It was great catching up with her!!

Last Thursday we got a nice surprise. We have been in the middle of charity season and DH bought some raffle tickets at one of the events. The sound system at the event was awful and we could not hear anything so on Thursday the charity called and said we had won the raffle. It is two tickets on American Airlines for a trip to London or Frankfort. We go to London fairly frequently so we are going to take the tickets to Frankfort and go from there to Prague and Berlin. At least this is the tentative plan. Nothing has been booked or finalized. DH has a new consulting job lined up for June to October so this is cutting into my vacation time again. We have a year to use the tickets so we have plenty of time to get this in. We also have the trip to Santa Fe to use, I am spending a week in Columbus for ANG, and we are going to Sao Paulo for the Grand Prix. Work pays for my play but it can cut into my play time.

Finally, I will leave you with a picture of my little old man, sunning himself on the glider. Dillon will be 17 in June. He spends lots of time on the terrace in the summer. When we are home we leave the sliding glass door open so he can go in and out. Yesterday I was reading outside and I see something big fly into the condo. I get up and look and see a little yellow bird sitting on a pillow. I screamed! DH went to the bedroom and shut the door and got the bird back outside without harm to the bird. That sweet little bird did not even pooh in my room.

Happy Monday! Kelly


  1. Can't wait to get my needleminder in the mail, I just ordered it last week with the beehive!
    You can a great blog and I enjoyed reading your post and seeing your progress on stitching!

    Feathers in the Nest

  2. I forgot to add that my in-laws live in South Holland, near Chicago and we usually go up there once a year to visit. I have yet to find a good cross stitching store. Any recommendations in that area?