Thursday, May 27, 2010


I am stitching for a chapter in a math book so I don't have anything to show this week stitching wise so I thought I would take a picture of my flowers on the terrace. Once they grow up, I am hoping the planters will be overflowing with plants. We love the look of the flower boxes on the front of English pubs so we try to achieve that look every year. My flower boxes have 12 plants in each box. The potted plant below is not my handiwork. It was purchase at the beautiful nursery in the hood. I literally mean the creepy West side of Chicago. We also have three boxes of herbs and hot peppers. Those are DH handiwork. Since I don't cook, I don't have much need for these things but they are yummy later in the season, plus so much cheaper than fresh herbs you buy at the store. I forgot to take a picture of the boxes on the front deck. I guess I will have to save those for a future post.

I went out last night with the girls. We went to a wonderful Sushi place called Coast. Five bottle of wine later, we went to a bar...Great idea!!

We don't have much planned for the long weekend. I am looking forward to relaxing and stitching. DH is running a 10 mile race on Saturday morning and I am stitching with the Guild ladies on Saturday afternoon. The Hawks play on Saturday and Monday nights so I am sure we will be watching the games. They play in town so my neighborhood will be hoping with activity.

I hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day Weekend!! Kelly


  1. Your plants look beautiful. And sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned.

  2. Love your flowered terrace; now don't forget to get out there and take more pictures of the front deck. :) The round basket is beautiful too. Have a great time stitching with the group tomorrow and enjoy the whole weekend.

  3. Beautiful flowers. My deck faces west and between the glass patio doors and black shingles that line the exterior walls means I can't keep anything alive out there its just too hot. Otherwise, I'd have my own little garden with flowers and veggies.
    I hope you too are having a happy memorial day weekend.

  4. Gorgeous plants, I can't wait to see pics when they are all in full bloom, they will look amazing and achieve the look that you are wanting, its very special.