Monday, July 19, 2010

The bunny is done

I finished my bunny last night. Since this has been a WIP for the past two years, I am thrilled to have it out of my stitching bag and my punch needles put away. By scanning this picture, I could see problems better than with my eyes so after my scanning, I fixed a few areas. In some cases, I just needed to brush away some of the little threads I cut. Also, after this picture was taken, I punched three more rows of loops around the boarder so finishing would be easier.

I still have 3 big needlepoint projects, the knotted scissor case, the Long Dog Sampler, a traveling cross stitch project and a travel needlepoint project. My main goals right now are to get my traveling cross stitch projects done and my knotted scissor case. I have a pile of stuff to take to a finisher so if these are done, they can join the pile. Plus, I need to do an ornament for the holiday party with my Guild. I am not going to finish this myself this year so it needs to join the pile. Getting a couple WIPs done is great before I add the test class for the NAN project, add back in Fred and Ginger, and 4 projects from ANG. I really should have taken Studio Time!!

I was down state this weekend at my parents house. I had a Princess and Me needlepoint with me. It really made the 3 hour drive go quickly. We really did not do much when we were down there. I did get to go shopping in Springfield. They have a couple of nice boutiques and one was having a sale so I picked up a few things.

We have some trips planned in the near future. I don't want to give many details on the web until we return. I will take my Princess and Me on my flights. We are flying Air Grey Hound on the first trip so I am sure I will have stories to tell!! Many years ago we flew this particular airline and the family behind us shared a bucket of KFC on the flight out to New Orleans. Greasy chicken for two hours was about more than we could take. I am also taking this same airline to Columbus. My travel agent is pushing this airline because they do not charge for checked bags plus we are traveling to smaller markets. I am used to traveling with Gold status on American so discounts airlines without status is going to be interesting.

Hopefully, I will get somethings done this week and I can post more progress. BTW...If any of you are into miniatures or petitpoint, there is a very active petitpoint group on Yahoo Groups. It has been fascinating reading and seeing picture about all their great projects. It makes you want to run out and buy 40 count silk gauze and make a doll house rug:)
<>Happy Stitching! Kelly

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