Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meet Lucy

I started working on I Love Lucy by Princess and Me as my travel project. I needed something small I could carry around and big enough holes to work in less than optimal lighting. My scan is not the best. The scanner will not close with this project on the Evertites. My Kreinik is not sparkling in this picture. Lucy's bow and the flat areas of the eggs are coordinating Kreinik braid. I started stitching the black background because it is a lot of laying threads and boring.

I have been doing a lot of stitching in public but have had very few comments on my needlework. The nanny traveling with the family across from us liked Lucy and so did one of the flight attendants. Usually, I get lots of comments on Princess and Me designs because they are whimsical and sparkly. Maybe I will get more comments on our trip next month to Santa Fe. If I get in more bling, it might spark someones interest in needlepoint. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to talk to every freak in the airport but I like to do this kind of project on planes so people see needlepoint does not have to be wool, Continental stitches or acres of off-white dining room chairs.

Here are two little projects that will be made into scissor fobs to match needle books of the same design only larger. These are stitched over one so they will make cute little fobs. The rust color is a Vicki Clayton Silk. It is not a color I would normally order and not what I expected but it is what came in. It is a perfect color for the person that will get the needle book and fob so not the end of the world.

Last weekend we visited friends in Newport, RI. We ate and drank through that town. Newport is a beautiful little town on a bay and the ocean. I did not take a single picture so I have nothing to share. You cannot believe some of the beautiful, huge mansions along the ocean. We ate lots of lobster and were in some wonderful restaurants. Our friends house is beautiful. Their house belonged to a carpenter that built the huge mansions. They have fully rehabbed the house and yard so it has a vintage feel but modern luxury. They used to own a gift shop so her house was just full of fun stuff and art. Every time I walked into a room, I would notice something I missed the previous time through.

I will be traveling again this weekend. We are going to spend the weekend in the suburbs instead of driving back and forth to the city. My nieces and nephew are swimming in a state swim meet so we are going to watch the kids swim. The swim meet is near one of our really good needlepoint shops so I will get to go shopping. I have been getting my letters from the teachers at ANG and I need lots of stretcher bars. None of the classes are the same size and most of mine already have projects on them. I also like my husband to put them together before I go to class because I am not very good at getting them together.

That is about all for today. Hopefully, later this week I can post some progress on Safari. I put that on my stand last night and put in a few threads. Happy Stitching! Kelly

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend. Newport isn't far from me. The mansions, the ocean, the views, the food and the shopping. What's not to like. It's great.