Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 234th Birthday America

This was an exciting week for me. ScottLee arrived in the mail. I am not a huge Jean Hilton fan but I have loved this piece for a long time. I have been stalking Ebay for a year for this pattern. Jean's daughter allowed this pattern to be sold at Stitches From the Heart in IN. This pattern was only taught a short while so heavens knows what I would have had to pay on Ebay to get it. It is fairly priced from the store. I read the introduction and it is based on an oriental rug. That must be the reason I was so attracted to this piece. I ordered the pattern for my friend Margie @ Three Cool Pugs and Me so she can help be along if I get stuck.

Here is a picture of my latest Christmas ornament for my friends. They had a gas leak last Christmas and their house blew up. Everyone got out with minimal injuries but they lost everything. My Guild is helping me make ornaments so they will have something nice for the holiday season. Once this is done, I still want to make them some more but I also have to think about the ornament exchange with the Guild. Those finishing deadlines are coming up quickly.

My office is closed today and Monday so we get a nice long weekend. Last night was spent eating yummy sushi and I actually got a lot more done on the snowman. My husband was out sailing so it was nice to have the evening to myself. I am off to run a few errands. When I get back, I will spend the afternoon on the terrace stitching. Tomorrow is shopping with two of my nieces. We have to buy a dress for one who is turning 21 next month and the other one has some extra cash so she is ready to go.

Enjoy your 4th of July weekend. Travel safe, enjoy time with friend and family and maybe work in some time to play with your projects. Kelly


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm drooling all over the keyboard for that pattern. I just love Jean Hilton's designs. I've done Gleneagle and have collected so many of her others. I think that I'm going to have to see if I can get my hands on this one. Blogging is just too enabling!! But thanks for posting it.

    That ornament will be adorable, but how horrible for your friends who lost everything!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. Good luck with ScottLee! It was a lot of fun to stitch.

  3. I have also purchased ScottLee. It is such a lovely design and it will be my first Jean Hilton project and looking forward to stitching it soon.

    Pierrette =^..^=