Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Christmas in July

Janet Perry just opened a web page for stitch guides. She says most stitch guides will be around $65.00. This is great news for Fred and his best mate, Ginger. Fred has been at a standstill for a while. I did get some great suggestions from Jane @ ChillyHollow as well. Hopefully, I can get something to kick me in the a$$ on this one. (btw... I was going to start this post with the snowman finish, hence the title, but an after thought to talk about Fred, brought his picture to the top and it refused to move down the page. Notice Ginger's picture did not even make it in.)

I finished my Snowman Christmas ornament over the long weekend. This was really more work than I had anticipated. It needs an iron but I will iron up all my ornaments once I am ready to take a trip to the cross stitch store which won't be until August. I just noticed my 1 looks like this ornament is from 2070 not 2010. I might have to do something about that. By 2070 I will be dead and as much as I hope I get to stitch in my afterlife, I am not counting on it.

Next weekend is our Guild meeting and we are going to teach people stitching at the library where we meet. I cannot remember if we were supposed to finish a bookmark or just bring some supplies. I am stitching something I will like in case this ends up just being for me or I can donate it to one of the literacy projects. This was a free pattern on About.com. I found it hard to find free bookmark patterns that were not a lot of work. This one is a great travel project since I got this far I no longer need a pattern. You can see I had some frogging because when I turned it over to finish off my thread, I found a big knot. You can't have that on something with an open back.

We had a great four day weekend. I really did not do all that much. Friday I ran a few errands. Saturday I took my nieces shopping and then dinner with family which was a lot of fun. Sunday was a stitching day and Monday we had some friends over from out of state.

On my last post I mentioned my husband was sailing on Thursday night. Here is a picture of our beautiful skyline from the lake. This was taken from his Blackberry. His picture is much better than mine using a real camera!!

Happy stitching!!


  1. Thanks for the info on the stitch guides. I have a couple pieces that I could use some help on, so I've bookmarked this. And you got me so crazy over your last post and the Jean Hilton design, I had to order it!

    Beautiful picture of the skyline!

  2. The bookmark project reminds me of Andrew Lloyd Wright & I see you are in Chicago (beautiful city & sunset). We have to get back there again & see more of your city, especially ALW buildings. I have a design of his I'm going start soon. And, the bookmark looks like a great project to use for teaching - good luck. Melita