Monday, July 12, 2010

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks...

I learned a new trick this weekend. Scanning needlework!! It is much better than my pictures. I will have to learn how to crop the pictures. One thing at a time...

This weekend was my Guild meeting. I thought we were supposed to have a bookmark done but I did not end up giving mine away. We did have about five people stop by our tables to learn how to do cross stitch/embroidery. I stayed at the library for a couple of hours after our meeting and worked on a punch needle project I have had going on for an age. One tween that learned to stitch with us, stayed longer than I did was just stitching away on her second bookmark. I left her with the pattern to the bookmark above, some fun colored floss she could play with and a pair of embroidery scissors that were in my bag. Hopefully, we will have a future stitcher.

This is my best picture ever of my Teresa Layman Sweet Harmony project. Please ignore the fold and hoop marks. I started on the background so that was not left until the last. I am also saving the pink and purple flowers so they are a treat to keep me motivated on the project. Oh, the mind games I play with myself!!

I sent my monkey canvases, Fred and Ginger, to Janet Perry this weekend so she could write me stitch guides. I have a feeling that I am going to pick a lot of things out and basically start over with Fred. Which is perfectly OK with me. Nothing has been stitched on Ginger.

This weekend was a graduation party for one of my nephews. DH said thank God that is the last family party for a while. We have had four in the last month and a half. Now that I think about it, we are not getting very far away from family, we are going to be with my family next weekend and the last weekend of the month.

Later this week I will try to scan my punch needle project. I did not think to do that yesterday. Maybe I will get some more done and get this project behind me. I am also going to start a new small ornament for one of our guild out reach projects or maybe the guild holiday exchange.

Happy Stitching! Kelly

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