Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another three day weekend

I did not mean to have a three day weekend but I got a 24 hour flu and could not go to work on Friday. I hate wasting time off being sick. I would much rather use the time for vacation. I had another big stitching weekend because I was just not up to doing that much. Now I am tired of being sick and I am getting back to normal.

I spent some more time on Safari this weekend. I finished the green and cream section that has been intemidating. Once I got going, it was not bad which I knew that would be the case. I had not filled in a green section and that threw my mind in a tailspin. Once I got the visual in my head, I could see the pattern and this moved along. I also finished the stitches around the gold/wine diamonds and started the plum silk above the varagated tread. The beauty of needlepoint is it moves fairly quickly once you invest the time. Look at the huge sections I have done. So much progress in these pictures compared to my cross stitch projects. I did not even take a picture of my work on the Long Dog Sampler because I felt my work on the strawberry was not that exciting to show.

I have not shown a real picture of my Teresa Layman project until today. You cannot believe how addicting colonial knots and French knots can be until you do one of these projects. This is a small project but not a good travel project. I like to work on this project in a stand so I have both hands free. This allows me to make better knots. I might do one of her doll house rugs after this set is done.

Since I have been laying around a lot lately, I wiped out my DVR and moved on to movies. We went to a movie in a theater this weekend. I usually get to ADD to sit around and not have my stitching so I have not been in a theater in over 10 years. We saw Up in the Air. It was nice to watch George for two hours but other than looking at that hottie, it was not worth it. The theater experience is different than it used to be. This theater had a bar, served dinner, and did not allow children so all that was plesant. At home, I did watch Twilight and Juno. I like both of those movies. I also finished season one of Nurse Jackie on Showtime. Yet another series that I am hook on.

On the reading front, I finish Shanghai Girls. I really liked the book. She left herself open to writing a sequal to this book. I started South of Broad by Pat Conroy. I have only read the first chapeter but I think I will enjoy this book. I only have two books left on my Kindle so now I am getting excited about what I am going to order next. I have a six page wish list so it will not be hard to find something.

Tonight is dinner and a haircut so I won't get any stitching done. My hair has not been cut in three months and it needs it. My stylist quit her job so I have found someone new. This salon is closer to my house so it will be easier and cheaper to get a haircut. I picked their senior styist so hopefully she will be able to manage my mop.

My DH picked up a consulting job today so there goes my bitch. I guess him earning money is better than him doing my laundry and errands. It is good that he will be getting out of the house. He gets board and the cold weather does not allow him to do much outside.

Hope everyone finds time to stitch and have a wonderful week.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A three day stitching weekend

My weekend was full of stitching. On Friday night we went out for drinks with friends after work then dinner. I was home by 10 but I completely lost my voice so DH had a very peaceful weekend. On Saturday, I could barely speak above a whisper. All of this would not have been a big deal but I had to give a presentation at a church to raise money for the homeless shelter I work with. I squeaked my way through the presentation and hopefully raised some money.

Since I did nothing but stitch over the three day weekend, I accomplished a lot. I have not posted a picture of Beautie Spot by Long Dog Samplers before today. Over the Christmas break I finished fox in the lower corner, the little bug above the flower, and started on the strawberries. This weekend I made progress on the strawberries and some of the outlining. I enjoy the outlining. It is the filling in that really takes the time. This is a huge project and I have been working on it for a couple of years so you will be seeing this one for a while.

I also made progress on Safari. I finished the section with the gold diamond shapes and I put in the variegated thread around the diamond across the bottom. I am really enjoying this piece. Terri Dryden does a great job in designing so you have very little compensation. The design with the green silk is still not clicking. I really just need to sit down and add some of the white so I can visualize the the pattern. If I keep working on this piece, I should not have a problem getting this done as my guild challenge piece.

I really do not need anything else to do but I signed up for the Ort Box project with ANG Cyberpointers. I have not picked my colors yet. Someone suggested using an over dyed for the blackwork on this piece and I thought that was a great idea. I might have a sample of an over dyed that I bought that may be the right size. If not, the pattern called for Perle cotton and DMC. I have plenty of DMC and can easily pick up Perle cotton.

My other accomplishment this weekend was finishing Eclipse, the third book in the Twilight series. Loved it!! These are such easy reads. It was perfect for the Kindle. I will have to buy the last book in the series. I do not like to haul around large hardback books so that is why I have not rushed through this series. My next book is Shanghai Girls by Lisa See. I have loved all of her books so I am excited to get started on this one.

Hope everyone has a great day and maybe get in a few stitches. KMM

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Progress on Safari by Terri Dryden

My horrid photography skills are shinning through on these photos. I am trying to show how much I accomplished on Safari over the weekend. I completed all the stitching in the upper left hand corner, I added to the green silk below that, I added the diamonds, and the maroon and gold strip across the bottom. I wish you coud see the beautiful threads used in this project. The gold around the maroon silk Splendor is Sea Grass. I will have to look at the thread list to tell you what some of the other threads are but it is fun to see the different textures in this design.

This project is moving along pretty quickly if I devote the time to it. The three day weekend will give me some extra time to work on it. The light green silk section is confusing me. I don't have a good visual and understanding of the pattern. I need to wrap my mind around the design and that was just not happening for me last Sunday.

I have been busy this week so I have not stitched since the weekend. Maybe tonight I will be able to get something done. I have to watch last nights episode of the Biggest Loser. Love that show. Have fun stitching. KMM

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Today was our EGA meeting. We were supposed to bring in a few projects for the guild members to vote on and tell us which one to complete by the January meeting in 2011. I brought in my Windy City Santa by Libby Sturdy, Safari by Terri Dryden and my Long Dog Sampler. Santa and Safari tied twice so I got to pick my project for the year. My challenge piece for this year is going to be Safari. I guess now I have to get busy and stitch. I did work on it for a little bit over the holiday break so maybe this will help me keep my momentum going.

We are having friends over for dinner tonight so no stitching will get done. DH is making homemade pizzas. Tomorrow is another dinner so I will only get to stitch part of the day. His school starts on Monday so I will have some evening to myself to get more done.

If I make much progress on anything tomorrow, I will post a picture. Have a great weekend. KMM

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hi, It is the new year and I decided that I would start a blog about my stitching. You may not know me but I feel that I know many of you. I have been lurking on your blogs for years. I mainly read what Margie from Three Cool Pugs and Me follows. Margie and I work for the same company. I happened past her desk one day and saw a mesh project bag. I asked if she was a stitcher and of course she is so we have been friends ever since. We visit my house when stitching emergencies arise.

I love needlework and I spend much of my free time working on various projects. I started out in cross stitch but I have branched out into needlepoint as well. Actually, at this point I have more needlepoint projects going than cross stitch but my cross stitch project is a big one. I am probably 40% done with Beautie Spot from Long Dog. I have the center motif and the ones across the bottom done and I am currently working on the strawberries.

Another one of my crazy projects is by Teresa Layman. It is the knotted scissor fob, needlebook, and scissor case. People think a project of french knots and colonial knots would be in the end of their sanity but it is so addictive. I am already thinking about starting another project when this one is done. A friend of mine completed this project and she bought her second project by Teresa because she had so much fun.

If you attended ANG in Milwaukee or EGA in Louisville in 2008, you might remember Fred. Fred is a handpainted canvas by Leigh. This canvas should not be a starter project but why not jump in with both feet. Fred scares me but I keep plugging along when I get up my nerve. I did not think Fred should be alone so I bought his mate Ginger but I have not even began stitching on her.

When I was at ANG seminar last fall, I took studio time and my next project, Safari by Teri Dryden. I did spend a little time with this project on New Years weekend. I am a slow stitcher but I do finish my projects and usually within three years and work hard so things don't take decades.

My EGA group decided that we should all work on a Libby Sturdy project. Again, I did not start small and most likely beyond my ability. I picked Windy City Santa. I am not very far along but this should be a fun project. I had Santa's beard done at one point but I did the chain stitch hole by hole not more free form like the beard requires so slowed my progress. Not to be deterred, I did add Libby's Golfing Santa to my stash over the holiday break but that boy is just a canvas and a stitch guide no threads yet.
I have a couple of other projects going but we can discuss those at a later time. Once I get more into this blogging thing, I will discuss my trips and the books I read. You will have to be patient with me. I am not very good at taking pictures and I am lacking on technology skills. I will try to post at least once a week and hopefully I will have projects to show or at least something interesting to talk about. Cheers and happy stitching. Kelly