Monday, January 31, 2011

The calm before the storm

I had a fun, stitching filled weekend. On Saturday, our Guild had a stitching day at the Oak Park Library. We have this four times a year when there are five Saturday's in a month. I worked on Mayan Lightning. I finished the yellow and maroon rows at the bottom and the aqua row on the top. One lady did finish her piece on Saturday. She is going to use this as a purse insert. It will be stunning!!

Yesterday, was a full day of stitching goodness. I sat in my chaise all day and worked on Beautie Spot. I finished the bug and started on the flower. I also did a little more of the green boarder but thought I would spare you a picture.

Look at this dull, gray world Chicago becomes in the winter. I want some sunshine!!

I am sharing a couple of pictures of how the world looks today outside on our terrace and from the front balcony. We are supposed to get around 20 inches of snow tomorrow and Wednesday. We have not had this much snow at one time since 1999 and I was living in New York that year so I did not experience it. I am getting prepared in my own little way. I am planning on working from home most of this week. I went to Walgreen's before work to pick up a prescription and I bought a candle lighter. At lunch, I will walk to the Organic Pet Food store for more cat food. I think we have enough human food to last until St. Patrick's Day so we are good there. On Saturday, the liquor store had the foresight to offer 15% off wine and spirits so I have a dozen bottles of wine and champagne so that is ready for the storm. Stitching is all set for the next five years or longer. Watch, this will be a non-event. Even if we get lots of snow, it is supposed to be close to 40 on Sunday so a lot of this will go away shortly.

Everyone stay safe and warm. Happy Stitching.


  1. I just found your blog recently and WOW! I love Mayan Lightning! How can I get this?

  2. To the comment above: I could not find your email to answer you so I will answer my own blog and hopefully you will see it. Mayan Lighting is a pilot class taught by Diane Hermann. Diane is teaching this project at NAN in March. Below is a link to the class. It is fun to stitch and I have the advantage of having Diane in my guild. She would like to teach this class to others. If you need Diane's contact informaion, send me an email.