Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season. This is my last day of a two week holiday break. It has been a busy two weeks. The first week was full of holiday preparations, six days in cold, Florida with my family, a New Years Eve party at our house, and pretty good stitching progress.

I am working towards a deadline of Saturday on Safari. I have the basket weave to complete at the bottom and beads to add. The basket weave is slow going. My Guild meets on Saturday and this was my challenge piece for 2010. I know I had a year to get this done but I am working hard this last week. I will have this done before the meeting. I have to pull a few projects together so the Guild can vote on my challenge piece for 2011. Only once since we started this, I did not get my challenge piece complete so it is motivating and makes me get one old project complete.

Santacicles was my travel project in Florida. He stitched up very quickly. I only have the band on his hat to complete, I need to add eyebrows, and I am going to do basket weave around the outside for the finisher. My last Santa by JZC I did not go around the outside. This made the finishing more difficult and super expensive.

Good luck to everyone doing the crazy challenge. I am enjoying your blogs and seeing all the new projects. Having 15 more WIPs would make my skin crawl so this challenge is not for me. If I was not working on Safari, I might have tried to spend a day with each of my WIPs but I don't think I have 15 going at this time.

I hope everyone has a healthy, happy and productive New Year.

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