Friday, January 28, 2011

Oooh Ahhh!!

Actually, I am being sarcastic with the title of this post. I have accomplished so little that I should hang my head in shame. To my defense, I had an eye infection and that did not make me want to strain my eyes any more than what I do all day on the computer. On Beautie Spot I worked on the green boarder. I went half way down the right side and turned the corner. Turning the corner did result in some frogging being necessary. I thought the boarder would be boring so I should occasionally throw in a few stitches. Actually, I am enjoying the brainless effort this takes.

I did spend one evening with my pig. I filled in her skirt and finished the colonial knots that make up the hose.

Since my stitching is a bore this week, I thought I would mention my new fetish. I am really liking readers now. I want a pair in every project. Since we hang in Florida so much, readers are everywhere. They even have a store call Grandpa's and all they sell are readers and magnification products. (Tell you something about the age in the community?) The top two pairs are cheep readers from Grandpa's. The bottom two are much cooler Eye Bobs. When I bought the bottom pair, I did not know about Eye Bobs and paid full price. The pink/orange/green pair are really nice and I got them for something like $15.00 at Saks Outlet. I always check Saks and Neiman's Outlets for readers.

I have been busy ordering little gifts for the Guild retreat off Etsy. All the vendors have been so nice. The send little thank you notes with your order. Personally, I should be sending them thank you notes for making such cute things. I will take pictures before the retreat so you can see all the gifts. In case anyone is reading my blog, I want to leave a few surprises.

Tomorrow is stitching day at the library. I am excited and hope to progress on some projects so I have something to talk about next week.

Everyone that is having bad weather, stay safe and warm. Happy Stitching!

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  1. Beautiful WIPs! I love your sampler.

    I got into collecting readers during one of my trips home to the US. I scored some nice ones at Marshalls & TJ Maxx!